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Don’t do as I do, is the policy of Mayor Sadiq Khan

“A London Labour-controlled council removed an “offensive” satirical painting of Mayor Sadiq Khan in swimwear, just weeks before Khan’s Greater London Authority allowed a balloon depicting U.S. President Donald J. Trump as a baby to fly above the city in the name of free speech.”  reports Breitbart today. 

Sadiq Khan has also said he is not in the business of censorship.  Continue reading

The failure of Sadiq Khan. Crime massively up in all areas

Sadiq’s London: Knife Crime, Gun Crime, Theft, Burglary, Rape, Homicide all MASSIVELY up.

Breitbart journalist Raheem Kassim reports:

Britain’s media celebrated in droves when London elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, in May 2016. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s statement and debate on US immigration order

The new US President, Donald Trump, issued an Executive Order preventing citizens of seven countries from entering the US for a period of 90 days. Those countries are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Sudan. This is a ninety day suspension only, not a ban. Because of the chaos in Europe, President Trump is naturally concerned about the protection of his people.borishouse3FS Boris Johnson spoke in the House to answer concerns on the action. He said: The order makes it clear that no US visas will be issued to citizens of those states and that anyone who already has a visa will be denied entry. Cotinued on link below and the bottom link is the video.  Continue reading