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Boris Johnson visits Kenya on his successful East Africa tour

Kenya’s Foreign Ministry said that Boris Johnson’s visit is because the UK is the largest European foreign investor in Kenya, the largest source market for Kenya’s tourism and the third most important export destination.” Kenya mainly exports tea, coffee and horticultural products to the UK.Our Foreign Secretary will hold bilateral talks with his host Ambassador Amina Mohamed, on “critical matters of mutual interests,” Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.  His visit comes as private ranches in Laikipia, most owned by Britons, continue to be raided by illegal herders.  Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s statement today on Aleppo

RECENT EVENTS:   Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson outlined the tragic events in Aleppo over the past few months.  The last UN convoy entered Eastern Allepo on 7th July. The last food rations were handed out on 10th November.  The last functioning hospital was blown to bits on 19th November.borisiraq275,000 men, women and children are therefore trapped in E. Aleppo without food, medical care, water, or electricity.  They are being bombarded from the air with barrel bombs by Syrian helicopters, it is a hell we cannot possibly imagine. The Foreign Sec. then gave a graphic description of barrel bombs.

The rebel forces began to collapse on 26th November, and hundreds of young soldiers have been marched off to an unknown fate. Continue reading

Foreign Secretary Boris answers questions in Parliament on foreign policy

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson answered questions in Parliament today with his customary brio, on vital matters of foreign policy.borisfo15President Elect Trump:  Boris Johnson said We look forward to an enduring and strong special relationship, with security and prosperity in the years ahead.  The relationship between the UK and the US is perhaps the single most important geopolitical fact of the last century  and I look forward to working with the new administration.  After negative comments about the US,  Boris said It is very important that we be as positive as we possibly can, because it is massively important to this country.  We should judge the US by their actions. Continue reading

Why our biased British media is censoring news through blackouts.

For years, the media has ignored the huge demonstrations in Germany against Merkel’s immigration policy.nuitdebout3
Now Paris faces its largest protests in recent history, and there is a complete media blackout on these demonstrations in Ireland and the UK. The protests, organised by Nuit Debout, are because the Government has introduced a bill to drastically loosen French Labour laws.  Unions and most of the general public are outraged.
If adopted, the law would allow individual contracts between employers and employees that need not respect the current national labor regulations negotiated by the unions, thus making it easier for contracts to be terminated, work hours to be increased, overtime pay reduced, severance packages.  The Nuit Debout is fighting this, click on link in title for details of this organisation.

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Leave told no lies! Some voters confused the rules of a GE with the rules of a Referendum

We knew it!  The figure on the Boris Johnson battlebus was not only accurate, it was TOO LOW!borisbattlebusThe Office for National Statistics has revealed that as I have explained for months, the figure of £350 million a week was not a lie. Continue reading

Brexit boom: 27 countries want trade deals with Britain

All it took was the courage to make the leap.  We found that courage.  In spite of the disgraceful bias of the TV media, Planet Fear and the continual lies of Remain,  the indications are that Boris Johnson was right.  If we throw off the stifling control of the EU, a whole new world of opportunity is waiting for us.South Ruislip Library opening27 countries want trade deals with Britain. The UK is on the brink of a new era of prosperity free from Brussels rule.  New figures have revealed that the eurozone  continues to be the dead weight of the world economy, but Europe should not despair!  Hop on board with the enterprising British attitude and you too can rejuvenate your country’s future.

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Why the Soho Curzon should be demolished

The people who are campaigning for  the Curzon Soho to be saved can have no idea of the huge benefits that Crossrail will bring to London, the South East and the rest of the UK.crossrailLondonThe new railway will support regeneration across the capital and add an estimated £42bn to the economy of the UK.

Crossrail already delivers social benefits across the UK with thousands of jobs and business opportunities for companies of all sizes. Continue reading