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Pious Chuka and Starmer ignore the dirty dealings of Remain

Chuka Umunna continually insists that the Leave campaign “pledged” to pay £350M to the NHS.  Oddly he has admitted in print that no Leaver ever explicitly made such a pledge – their remarks were only suggestions.  This is confirmed by a quote he gave to the London Standard. (below).chukaumunaLabour is in such disarray, this is the sort of trivial snitching Chuka and Keir Starmer are reduced to.  Much ridiculed “independent” Professor Bob Watt from Buckingham University has even reported the Leave campaign to the CPS, charging them with “undue influence.” Continue reading

Bullying EU bans Boris Johnson from discussing Turkey, land of his fathers

The bullying and dictatorial behaviour of the EU has sunk to an all time low.  Manfred  Weber, an MEP and German Minister, has ordered Boris not to mention or discuss Turkey, the land of his fathers.borisgmbBoris’s great grandfather was Ali Kemal, a liberal Ottoman journalist, newspaper editor and poet.  It is from his great grandfather than Boris inherits his white blonde hair.  Boris is extremely proud of his Turkish blood, and hence his interest and concern for Turkish affairs. Continue reading

Bish, bash, bosh! Boris biffs Bradshaw, Salmond and Thornberry over Brexit

Boris swiped three sixes in a row as he took questions on Brexit in the House of Commons yesterday.   Ben Bradshaw gloomy over the future attitude of US companies towards the UK was told this:Downing Street, London, October 18th 2016. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at the weekly cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London. ¿ Paul Davey/Alamy Live NewsAmerican companies will find the UK in future an even better place to invest and to bring their coporations because of national advantages of time zone, language, talent, and skills that we now enjoy.
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Why Boris Johnson wants Turkey to join the EU

People often ask on twitter why does Boris want Turkey to join the EU?  The answer is in paragraph 2 below. Boris’s great grandfather was a famous Turkish journalist, newspaper editor and poet, through this link, Boris has inherited his white blonde hair.

Boris’s strategy on Turkey and the EUBoris Johnson, Mevlut CavusogluThis is Boris Johnson’s strategy to improve our situation with Turkey.
The EU has agreed to give money to Turkey to help with immigration. In return the Turks have agreed they will not allow any more migrants to cross the seas, or drown in flimsy boats.   Immigrants will be allowed to stay in Turkey. Continue reading

Why undemocratic Remain are just sore losers

There was a  Remain demo in the London streets today, as thousands of people marched against the “unfair” Leave victory in the EU Referendum.  The complaints fall broadly into two categories.  a) the Leave win was based on lies and b) Leave only won by a small margin.For every so called Leave “lie” disputed by Remain, I can think of at least two spouted by Remain.  For example, as Nadine Dorries says, Osbo lied to us over Turkey’s EU application, Turkey is in talks with the EU right now.   And David Cameron broke so many rules, I have lost count. Meanwhile,  Mr. Project Fear, George Osborne, is busily panicking the markets,  talking down Britain and blaming his mishandling of the economy on Brexit.

@Bigmikky tweeted: Remain lies already exposed: EU Releases Plan Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership bit.ly/298fa27 #marchforeurope
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Did Cameron set Major on Bojo for telling us the truth about the eurozone?

Today Boris Johnson,  in an exclusive interview with the Sun.  warned us that the PM cannot protect us from the dangers of the eurozone. camlies5Boris said the PM’s promises to protect us from the dangers of the eurozone are not  worth the paper they are written on.  The country would be dangerously and permanently exposed. The public cannot trust the Government or the EU promises that we will not be responsible for bailouts, given the history, said Boris. Continue reading

Migrant crisis means Remain is the risky option

In CityAm today Matthew Sinclair points out that although Cameron did the right thing after Merkel triggered the migrant crisis, there is a massive down side for Remain.migrantsEuropean leaders are now desperately trying to reverse course and adopt the kind of approach Cameron was castigated for. It will be much more difficult now. They are relying on a deal with Turkey which rewards its government with cash and other concessions. The deal could require European border forces (or maybe militaries) to undertake the ugly task of evicting large numbers of refugees who thought they had made it to the promised land. Continue reading