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BREAKING! Lady says her grandson was told to vote Labour twice in GE “to save Britain”

Rumours are flying that up to a million students voted twice for Labour in the recent GE. If this is true, this is a bigger scandal than Tower Hamlets.  Much much bigger.Surely it is asking for trouble to allow students to be registered at their home address and also in their uni area.  See evidence below. Continue reading

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Ed Miliband is willing to win at all costs

Labour smear campaignMy initial sneaking sympathy for Ed Miliband was dispelled by the way he acted during the last Mayoral campaign.  Douglas Alexander let slip that Labour knew all along that Red Ken was totally dodgy, but tried to dump him on London anyway. Continue reading

Labour fury as Boris calls Ed Miliband a coward, but for other examples of cowardice, you don’t have to look very far

In today’s Daily Telegraph, our Mayor explains that Ed Miliband wants to avoid the sort of split that dogged Labour over the EU in the 70’s and 80’s by avoiding a referendum.  Boris describes the Labour attitude thus:  ” If you’re frightened of the verdict of the people — vote Labour.” Later Boris goes further and accuses Ed of “utter cowardice”.borisanded

For other examples of utter cowardice from the Leader of the Opposition, you don’t have to look very far. When Ken Livingstone ignored the Labour Party candidate, Helal Abbas, to appear alongside Lutfur Rahman, sacked as an extremist by Labour,  any strong party leader would have given Ken the sack.  Ed Miliband did not, and all the indications are that he let Red Ken run all over him during the last mayoral contest.

When Ken insulted the Jewish community to suck up to the Muslim vote, in public Ed didn’t say a word.  Nobody knows what went on in private, but it can’t have been very effective, because for the entire campaign, Ken ran amok.

Ken’s behaviour was so appalling, there was a sorrowful article in the Jewish Chronicle about it, even an editorial in the Times From Ed, not a peep.  On the contrary, he and Ken went out campaigning together.  At worst , Ed looked like a traitor to the Jewish community, at best a weak kneed fool.

Then there is the case of Labour MP Margaret Moran.  If she had been Tory, Ed would have been screaming for an enquiry, his mouth full of phrases about Tory greed and the nasty party, but now he played his usual tactic, forget right and wrong, just avoid trouble.   If for legal reasons, it is impossible to reclaim the £57,000 embezzled by Moran, why did Ed, in the name of fairness and common decency, not make her pay back the money? But again, always the line of least resistance,  avoid conflict, don’t make waves.

Nobody can act like the patron saint of scroungers, voting for benefits to be higher than wages,   and at the same time claim to be the “new  Maggie Thatcher!”   Rather than stand up and fight for he what he purports to believe in, Ed takes the easy road of trying to be all things to all people.  This weak approach junked his claim that he is a conviction politician forever.  .

Tackled by a 14 year old, Ed’s instinct was not to debate his policies, but to turn on his heel and run. This is Ed all over.  Ed Miliband has himself described how he and his brother used to spend a lot of time at school avoiding being beaten up.  So he was a coward at school too.  No change there then.

Ken is indulging in Wonga economics says Boris

Boris Johnson has a name for the bribes, I mean promises, Ken Livingstone has relentlessly been  hurling at London voters over the past few months.   Boris calls it “wonga economics”.

Wonga is a British internet loans company.  If you need a fast loan, you can get one, if you qualify, with the money arriving in your account as quickly as fifteen minutes.   Your financial pain is immediately alleviated  – for the moment. The kicker is that the annual interest rate can be 4,000%! Continue reading

Evidence of serious voting fraud in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets has lurched from one scandal to another since Lutfur Rahman became its Mayor.  Only last week, the story was that Rahman was paying £1,000 a day to an ex-Ken aide,  when the borough is one of the poorest in London. Now we read in today’s London Standard that there is evidence of serious voting fraud in the borough. Ken’s decision to campaign with Rahman, agains the wishes of Ed Miliband, isn’t looking too clever.

Ken campaigning with Lutfur Rahman

The Standard reported today:  “Tower Hamlets has been plagued with allegations of electoral abuse. Scotland Yard launched four separate investigations into claims of voter fraud inside the borough after Lutfur Rahman was elected as mayor of the borough in 2010. No one was convicted.  The borough has recorded unusual changes in voting patterns. During the 2008 mayoral election, the Labour share of the vote went up 23 per cent while the turnout increased by 35 per cent. In every other London borough except Newham, the “swing” in the Livingstone vote did not top seven per cent in either direction. Continue reading


The London Standard reported yesterday that there was a fresh scandal in Tower Hamlets.  Mayor Lutfur Rahman has hired an ex-Ken employee as an adviser for a mind watering £1,000 a day. Shame on him.  There is child poverty in Tower Hamlets and it is one of London’s poorest boroughs.

Today, more news about Tower Hamlets.  Cllr.Peter Golds, the openly gay, Jewish councillor, regularly endures homophobic and anti-semitic heckling in the chamber, which goes unchecked by Mr. Rahman and his Labour concillors.

The London Standard reports: “As Golds said in a formal complaint to the borough police commander, were white skinheads observed yelling abuse at Muslim east Londoners, it would not be tolerated. The worst of the abuse occurred shortly after Rahman’s election in October 2010 but Golds says it continues to this day.” Continue reading

Great new movie in pre-production: Red Ken’s Henchmen

The double sided DVD, Hitler’s Henchman, was such a success a new movie is in pre-production.  Red Ken’s Henchman!  Hollywood beauties, are fighting for the part of Suzanne Lejeune, the French, historically misunderstood collaborator.  Suzanne slept with half the Nazi Party, and gave them the names of  French Resistance.  What a sweetie!  She wasn’t carrying out the work of Hitler!  She was reaching out to the Nazis. Opening scene:  Women, liberal Muslims, and the Jewish and gay communities are filmed crying like the North Koreans at death of Kim Jong-il, at the mere suggestion that Ken Livingstone might return to City Hall.

Scenes 2- 10:  (flashback to 2008).  Gay activist and freedom fighter Peter Tatchell remonstrates with the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone for inviting homophobic, Holocaust denying misogynist Sheikh Al Qaradawi to City Hall as a guest as part of the reaching out process.  The Sheikh, who believes rape is OK!, female genital mutilation is a fashion statement, and giving any woman a smack in the mouth is necessary to put her in her place, is endorsed by charitable Ken as “progressive”.  The fun Sheikh likes slogans, such as  “Destroy the usurper Jews!”  As part of the reaching out process, wouldn’t you think that Ken would drop a hint to the press and voters that he thinks the Sheikh is, well a little extreme?  Not a word.  Crikey!  Through his silence, innocent Ken is giving the inadvertent impression he agrees with the Sheikh’s beliefs!  So mean that people don’t give him the benefit of the doubt! Continue reading