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May’s betrayal of Brexit must be put right. Now

We have suspected it for months.  Subconsciously we knew.  Bur now an article in the Daily Telegraph confirms our worst fears. Theresa May’s “ineptitude” is betrayal.  She is trying to achieve not the best, but worst possible Brexit.  I wrote a blog at the beginning of May entitled “Her CU plans make it clear May schemed to wreck Brexit all along”.  Continue reading

Italians show feeble May how to handle a negotiation

In your face!  Italians Salvini and Di Maio from La Liga and 5 Star parties are still fighting off the objections of Berlusconi as they challenge the EU to rip up the rule book by dumping the euro. Their outrageous demands include plans for Italy to leave the single currency, call for sanctions against Russia to be scrapped and a plan to ask the European Central Bank to write off the country’s £250bn debt. You make your demands  clearly, making it clear you mean what you say,  setting them out in writing.  You make it clear if you don’t get what you want, you are off.   Continue reading

As Moggie attacks CU hybrid, May still trying to bribe Williamson with billions

Even though there is another alternative, favoured by the Brexiteers,  Theresa May seems unnaturally fixated on a customs union hybrid.  A rose by any name would smell as sweet – a customs union partnership, agreement or union all reek of betrayal. However, Moggie fiercely challenged May’s plan as a sellout.

Devout Jacob, who religious beliefs are part of his life, said accepting a customs partnership means we are staying in the EU.     Guido Fawkes reported:  “On Peston Jacob Rees-Mogg clearly explained why the customs partnership would require adherence to single market rules to function. “We would not in effect be leaving the European Union”… “ Continue reading

Corbyn’s ratings nose dive! Worst since before GE!

A poll shows the personal ratings of Jeremy Corbyn are bad:    it’s clear the  honeymoon is over.  Theresa May, who is the most unpopular Tory PM for yonks is doing better  and she has not been doing a good job.

An Ipso Mori poll shows the Tories at 41% and Labour on 40%, nearly level pegging.   However, the percentage who are unhappy with his performance has jumped from 26 to 34.   Continue reading

The deceit of suicide Theresa

Anger over Theresa May’s “private plans” is about to implode as Boris and Brexiteers suspect the worst.  With her usual duplicity, May pledged in late February that she would take on the rebels over the customs union by challenging them “Back me or sack me!”

May has fended off those fears by issuing a statement that we will be leaving the single market and the customs union. Continue reading

Boris compares Russia to Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has compared Russia to Rodion Raskolnikov, the fictional murderer from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment,” in the aftermath of the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in England, reported The Moscow Times.

These may be dark moments for the Anglo/Russia relationship, but the Russian people should take consolation that if anyone appreciates the stunning depth and beauty of their culture, it is Boris. Continue reading

Boris achieves history changing Russian coup: GMB then lie about it

Today on Good Morning Britain, the interviewers  told outright lies about the diplomatic coup achieved by the Foreign Office and Boris Johnson in dealing with Putn and the Kremlin.   The truth is, a world  wide concensus has been achieved, that Quentin Letts described as “the largest expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history.”  

Quentin added “This is the largest success for the Foreign Office for many a calend,  although May did not say so.”  Continue reading