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The weak Ministers in the Cabinet are enabling May to betray Britain

Every brave Brexiteer has fought unwaveringly for our rights. In an open letter to Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg, Owen Paterson, Priti Patel, David Davis, and IDS today warned her that her planned betrayal of Brexit will never be forgiven.   Sadly, these MPs are not in the Cabinet.  The tragedy is it is only the Ministers within the Cabinet who could easily stop her.  Because they do nothing, they are enabling May to sell out Britain.  

From outside the Cabinet, Boris, Jacob, the ERG and the rest of the Brexiteers have done everything they can to block the May sellout and more. They can do guerilla warfare but that takes time. They managed to fight off her last deal. Told by May to sell the Chequers plan or quit, only Boris Johnson resigned because he flatly refused to sell a betrayal of the peoples’ vote. Continue reading

Theresa May lied to the Cabinet in December about the backstop

There is clear evidence that Theresa May and Olly Robbins misled the Cabinet when they explained the Irish backstop.  Michael Gove has complained that he was completely misled, and Boris Johnson has also said they were all misinformed.

The Standard in the tweet below explains what went wrong. This is not the first time that the PM has lied to the Cabinet and to voters.    Nigel Farage’s comment that May is the most dishonest PM in living memory is sadly  correct. Continue reading

David Davis admits he was “stitched up” by No. 10

Anyone who has read FALLOUT by the Sunday Times Tim Shipman, is aware that as Brexit Secretary, David Davis was mugged off by Downing Street and recently he admitted the truth to Robert Peston. 

David Davis himself must take responsbility for falling for it though.  First May tried to play him off against Boris Johnson over Chevening,  hoping there would be unseemly rows.  Boris saw through it. and  resolutely refused to row with DD.  When this failed, according to Shipman, May indulged in grotesque flirting with DD, which he fell for.   She and her aides flattered him, pretending he was her favourite over Boris, hoping he would fall into line. Continue reading

Why Brexiteers can’t easily get rid of May – not yet

There are those on twitter who don’t do enough research to realise that Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rest of the Brexiteers cannot just march up to No. 10 and coolly tell the inmates “Your time is up!”  They are therefore blasting Boris and Co. for inaction.

They can’t just tell her to go.  Nor is it enough to put in 48 letters of complaint, that is just the start of the process.  Journalist and writer Frederick Forsyth explains why Theresa May is the luckiest as well as the worst PM we have ever had.  Present circumstances mean right now it is very hard to get rid of her. Continue reading

May too pigheaded to give up Chequers, but she could easily swap say Brexiteers

All leaders should admit when they get in wrong, but not Theresa May.  The pigheaded PM is hanging onto Chequers like grim death, rather than have to admit she has catastrophically miscalculated.

For months the PM has flaunted the defiant claim that Chequers is the only option on the table.  Embarrassingly, that is now shown to be a lie.  We now know that from the beginning, there was another option on the table, and May’s claim that the EU “needed to make us an offer” was also untrue.  They have made us an offer, from the beginning.  Canada+++. Continue reading

Put a sock in it says Boris Johnson to men

As Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson did great work for women’s education.  He appointed a special envoy to work to get education for women who had no chance of being educated otherwise.  So in the Daily Telegraph this week, his article is about fighting worldwide for womens’ rights.

Boris begins:  When a mighty dam is about to burst it does not just collapse in one explosive roar; it first springs a leak. A jet of water shoots from the crack, and then another crack appears and another horizontal fountain of foam; and as the whole vast curtain of masonry finally begins to tremble the onlookers behold the valley beneath and wonder who and what will be in the path of the billions of pent-up gallons as they are released from their captivity.  Continue reading

Star of the 2018 conference, Boris Johnson’s speech in full.

Speaking to a packed fringe audience of 1,500 Tory members, at a Con Home event,  brilliant, charismatic Boris Johnson did not disappoint.  

In his pivotal speech, he took Theresa May’s Chequers plan apart.   Continue reading