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May appears to be going soft on Brexit

Theresa May apparently said in a private meeting last week that she is “not some crazed Brexiteer.” It was reported:  “The Prime Minister made it clear at a private meeting last week that she will not risk economic suicide by ‘jumping off a cliff’ with a hard Brexit – and secretly supports some demands by Remain Tories.”mayhammond3She now says she: Continue reading

Outstanding generous speech by May sets the standard for EU negotiations

After today’s Brexit speech from Theresa May, some Remoaners were complaining.  I had just explained that there is a big difference between a referendum and a general election.  In the EU Ref., Leave and Remain were not competing to form a government.  The only purpose of any referendum is to get a straight answer to a straight question,  in this case, Should we leave the EU?may2Leave and Remain cannot therefore make financial pledges.  They can only make suggestions.  The battlebus ad. was about taking control and the figure quoted on the bus was given as the sum we pay the EU every week.  Let’s give £350M to the NHS was one suggestion how to spend the money. Continue reading

How much longer is Theresa May going to block Foreign Secretary’s vital meetings?

When Donald Trump was voted in as the President Elect, it was an honour  for Britain that the first Foreign Secretary in the world to receive a phone call from the Vice President Elect Mike Pence was Boris Johnson.  In spite of his frank speaking that Russian is guilty of war crimes, Boris has also received a phone call from his opposite number in Russia, Sergey Lavrov. Mr. Lavrov recently issued an invitation for Boris to come to Russia,  a move that means vital matters will be discussed with the possibility of movement towards actions that could result in more peace in the world.  The invitation is at a date of Boris’s choosing. Continue reading

Before he flogged the water cannon, dictator Sadiq should have asked the people

As a Mayor of London keenly aware of democracy, Boris Johnson held three polls as to whether he should buy water cannon, after the  London riots.  The Met badly needed them. .  Boris did not just wake up one morning and think “Today  I fancy hosing down a few people.” boriswatercannonThe Met were rightly concerned that, after the worst violence in living memory,  44 police were  injured, 4 very seriously.  There were 450 arrests, many of them foreign insurgents, some armed.   Water cannon can prevent buildings burning to the ground and protect fire fighters and  paramedics in a way hoses cannot. Hundreds of buildingsw were burnt to the ground.  The cops wanted to prevent this happening again. Continue reading

What is behind the constant attacks on Boris Johnson from No. 10?

Interestingly, 95% of twitter is on Boris Johnson’s side over his remarks on Saudi Arabia.  Boris spoke out in Rome last week and it is hard not to believe that Theresa May picked her time, when she publicly tried to torpedo Boris yesterday, a day before he left for Saudi Arabia on an important visit.  borisdroll11If she didn’t wish to upset the Saudis, surely it would have been better to sort things out in private?

Many of May’s attacks on Boris have been unprovoked, unpleasant personal insults, with Philip Hammond. One of May’s pleasantries was to compare Boris to a dog that might be put down. Continue reading

68% now want Brexit as soon as possible

In spite of the fibbing of Remoaners, 68% of voters still want Brexit and they want it as soon as possible, reports YouGov.  This has not changed since October.  borismayOnly one in five is happy with the way Theresa May’s government is handling Brexit.  (That is 18%).  There has also been huge criticism of the way she handled the victory of Donald Trump.    May has been churlish and rude to Nigel Farage regarding his offers of help.  It is understandable she does not want to fire Sir Kim Darroch, but she could make Nigel a special envoy or second him to work with David Davis. Continue reading

US politicians have Boris on speed dial

Our ebullient Foreign Secretary has visited five countries in three days, cementing bonds and talking up our hopes for a fair Brexit deal.  He was having dinner with the Serbian PM, when he was called to the phone to answer a call from the Prez Elect’s VP, and the Serbians were all graciousness, insisting that he should take the call.borisserbia2Boris was first on the list of all the Foreign Secretaries rung by PE VP Mike Pence.  Mr. Pence told the Foreign Secretary he has followed his career and admires Boris’s work. Continue reading