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The plots will fail and the public are braver -and wiser – than their MPs says Boris

Mrs May must persuade the EU to ditch the backstop 

Don’t be fooled. In the next few days and weeks we are going to be treated to such an ecstasy of parliamentary plotmanship that the ordinary punter is going to start wondering who the hell is Prime Minister of this country – Theresa May or Erskine May? What price the Boles proposalsWhither Grieve? Will David Lidington be asked by some conclave of parliamentary cardinals to depose the Prime Minister and assume supreme power in the land?  Continue reading

Grieve helping EU terrified of No Deal and desperate for £39 billion!

A Commons aide,  the clerk of bills,  is scheming with Dominic Grieve to derail Brexit, suspending Article 50, the mechanism by which the  UK is leaving the EU, reports the Sunday Times.   May’s Plan B has just collapsed. She wanted to offer a bilateral deal to Ireland to remove the hated backstop, but they have just refused it.

The Remoaner UK media are hiding from us that the EU are terrified  they won’t get the 39 billion! That is why the Remoaner politicians are shamefully doing everything they can to block No Deal!  Continue reading

Brilliant Boris speech, and we are stuck with a clutz like Theresa May

Brilliant, positive, optimistic speech from Boris in Staffordshire today at JCB , telling May how to sort out the Brexit impasse.  She won’t of course.  I’m starting to wonder if May ever wanted a good deal for Britain, or if it’s just that she is totally incapable. 

Fizzy speech brimful of ideas, optimism and vision.  So many brilliant negotiators in the Tory party, Boris, Jacob, John Redwood, Owen Paterson, and we are stuck with a clutz like Theresa May!  Tragedy for Britain!

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Explosive poll! Voters still want to leave EU and take back control

An explosive poll by ComRes for the Daily Express fires a powerful warning at politicians seeking to overthrow or dilute Brexit.  Confidence in politicians is at an all time low, and their attempts to derail Brexit are infuriating voters. Click here to read the poll.  There is no respect for Theresa May and her cabinet, Brandon Lewis, these people are loathed.  May has lied to Parliament over the legal advice of the deal.  She also misled the Cabinet.   The way they have behaved over the Refererendum is despicable. Continue reading

May’s deal is not Brexit, it will keep Britain in chains, says civil servant

A civil servant has broken ranks to make crystal clear that far from carrying out everything  that Brexiteers voted for and won in the Referendum, May’s deal will keep Britain in chains.  The Cabinet and the Remainer press, notably the Daily Mail and the Times, to their shame are colluding with May to pretend this deal is Brexit.   Gove, Hunt, Leadsom, Mordaunt Grayling, Javid,  Fox et al are all betraying Britain.

The deal is a trap and the opposite of Brexit.

The anonymous public servant says:  “Just as we thought the orchestrated fog of confusion around the Withdrawal Agreement was about to lift, there were reports that Theresa May might even postpone the meaningful vote again while she seeks “reassurance” from the EU about the Northern Ireland backstop.  Continue reading

Jamie Bryson says there will be huge unionist anger if May’s deal goes through

Loyalist Jamie Bryson claims PM Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal could bring “a grassroots unionist reaction that would dwarf the anger of the flag protests and Drumcree”. He discusses  this with commentator Tom Kelly, on link below. 

Jamie Bryson is the Editor of Unionist Voice and he takes great care in the interview to emphasise he has no wish in any way to incite violence. Continue reading

The more hysterical the scaremongering, the firmer the peoples’ resolve says Boris Johnson

In today’s Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson debunks the ridiculous scaremongering of May’s disgraceful government and points out, the push from voters for No Deal has huge momentum.  Ordinary people seem to have the guts, understanding and common sense that most MPs lack. 

As the Government’s warnings grow ever more hysterical, support for no-deal rises  

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