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Boris Johnson attacks propaganda and fake news in defence of free speech in the Sun

In a passionate article in the Sun today, Boris Johnson attacks the evils of fake news and propaganda.  On twitter, Europhobes defend their lies about Brexit in the name of free speech, but attacking the democratic decision of the people of this country, is nothing to do with free speech.borismaynegs

It is free lies, a deliberate subversion of the truth.    Vested interests like Soros and Tony Blair are spending millions to try to overturn the decision of the EU Referendum for their own selfish purposes. They pay trolls to attack Brexit and leading Brexiteers, sometimes in the vilest possible way.  When Tony Blair was told that Brexit was the will of the people, his cynical reply was “The will of the people can be changed.” Continue reading

Brave Brexiteers compare EU appeasers to Nazi collaborators

Well said Sir Bill Cash!  Brave Sir Bill has compared companies who fear taking an economic hit in Brexit to people in WW2 who appeased the Nazis.  There is a concerted effort by traitors right now, to pretend the public were mislead by Brexit campaigners.  This is a foul and outright lie.  It is Remoaners and their Planet Fear that told the lies.

Minister for Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels with Hitler

The Sun reports:  Speaking at a meeting of the Bow Group think-tank last night, Sir Bill Cash slammed fellow Tories who are trying to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill to keep us tied to European institutions. Continue reading

Boris right to pay £450M to Iran because we owe them the money

Some tweeters are moaning that Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond have agreed to pay a huge sum like £450 million which will help free Nazanin.  Those people should look at the actual facts and realise we might be in the wrong.

The Sun reports today:  An international court ordered the UK to reimburse Teheran after the MoD reneged on a deal to sell Chieftan tanks to Iran in 1979, but still kept Iran’s cash. Continue reading

David Davis finding it too much, so will quit after deal and hand over to Boris

David Davis is finding it all too much, according to the Sun today and plans to quit immediately after the EU deal is done.  His performance as Brexit Minister has been undistinguished to say the least.   The much touted Rottweiller proved to be a Pomeranian pooch, whose ferocious barks turned into mere ineffectual squeaks as EU chiefs stamped all over him.

Davis has meekly accepted every snub and slur that came his way, achieving absolutely nothing since we signed Article 50.  He has failed to fight back in any way, incapable of getting a grip and putting his foot down. Continue reading

Bill Gates believes Britain will be a world beater after Brexit

Bill Gates has been big enough to make a monster U turn over Brexit.  At first, he spoke out against Brexit, but the billionaire now believes Britain will go from strength to strength to lead the world.

The Sun reports:  Gates, 61, also said he had donated £750billion to the top universities in Britain “because they’re the best”. Continue reading

Boris ex economic adviser clobbers Hammond

It sticks out a mile that Philip Hammond’s claim that there is consensus within the Cabinet that there should be a transitional deal after March 2019 is a big fat lie.  Liam Fox is fuming, reported SKY and more importantly, Gerard Lyons, ex economic adviser of brilliant Boris Johnson has taken Hammond firmly to task.

Boris himself has maintained a diplomatic silence.  He has always believed in fighting his corner from within.   But Gerard Lyons, his ex economic adviser has leapt into the fray.  The Sun reported:  Continue reading

Oaf Jeremy Corbyn insults the Queen

Oafish Jeremy Corbyn showed his contempt for our much loved Queen by refusing to bow to her in Parliament today as is the tradition.  Instead he smirked and winked like the outright yob he is.  Corbyn despises the Royals, he despises British tradition and he despises our history. 

Even worse, he failed to ask about the health of the 96 year old Duke of Edinburgh.  This behaviour, on the occasion of the Queen’s Speech along with his silly statement that  private property should be stolen from its owners to house the homeless and his insistence on a “Day of Rage” will not endear him to ordinary people.  Continue reading