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Fifteen reasons why Brexit will be great

Brexiteers are sick of the negatitivity of Remoaners!  OK, they have had their say in the name of free speech. but if there had been any grounds at all for cancelling Brexit Remoaners would have done it by now.  It is  the turn of democracy to speak.    PM Cameron pledged that the voice of the British people would be respected.  Not ignored.  According to Anthony Browne, a former aide of Boris Johnson , we have plenty of reasons to be happy over Brexit.  Anthony lists 15 of them below, and this article is via The SpectatorContinue reading

Constant attacks on Boris Johnson are making his rivals look desperate

An excellent article by Peter Oborne discusses the vicious plot going on right now to get rid of Boris Johnson and many of the plotters are in the Tory party.  But unless you are on twitter all the time like me, you wouldn’t know that the Get Boris campaigns have been going on for yonks, even before Brexit.

Here are some of the rivals who have been trying to take down Boris,  one or two of them since before Theresa May became PM. They are waxing ever more desperate as they fail to achieve their goal. Continue reading

Boris Johnson is unafraid to challenge the US Prez if he believes he is wrong

Forget the fuming lefties, bitter Remainers and uncomprehending US journos.  Boris is loved by the British people.   He gave up a plum job in Cameron’s government to take the gamble of his life.  He fought for the rights of ordinary people in the EU Referendum and against seemingly insuperable obstacles,  he won. boriskindThe education Boris has had given him with a deep respect for the rights of ordinary people.   Cameron failed to achieve EU reform, our sovereignty was lost, the people could not vote out our EU lawmakers, so that,  for Boris, was the deal breaker. Continue reading

What does George Osborne have to do to get fired?

John Humphries asked the question in the title on Radio 4.  Osbo’s answer was of course prevarication.  Today, political commentator Andrew Neil tweeted the fascinating fact below.georgebudget4

UK current account deficit worst in peace-time since the Bank of England started collecting records in 1772 under the reign of George III.

How does George get away with missing his targets, wrote Isabel Hardman in The Spectator.  She continued:  “The Chancellor was asked this on the Today programme this morning, with John Humphrys needling him on the economic targets on debt and deficit that he set himself and asking whether if he could miss two out of three of those targets and potentially be on course to miss a third, ‘what’s a bloke got to do in your job to get the sack?’ Continue reading

Boris well ahead of May for Tory leadership

In view of the continual speculation about the future party leadership of all parties, the Times is running a series, starting with the Tories.Johnson sets out tax cuts campaignThe Times reported:

Exclusively for Red Box, YouGov asked the public, for each of six candidates, whether people thought they would make “a good leader”, or “not a good leader”, whether they were “not sure”, or whether they “didn’t know enough about this person to say”. So Johnson has an early lead over May among voters generally and among Tory supporters. Continue reading

Outstanding conference speech from Boris Johnson

The Conservative Party Annual ConferenceAfter a excellent speech from George Osborne yesterday at the Tory Party            Conference, it was the turn of London Mayor Boris Johnson this morning.

Full written text of Boris’s speech and also video are here via the Spectator. The most wildly cheered part of the speech was right at the end, when the Mayor said:  “It’s time to cut the yellow LibDem albatross from round our necks and let it plop into the sea!” Continue reading

Boris wins title of Coolest Politician on twitter. Who else would it be?

To a mantelpiece already bursting with awards – from The Spectator, to GQ, to two glowing endorsements from YouGov, (most trusted respected politician and best performing politician), Boris Johnson can now add the Heat Award for Coolest Politician on Twitter.South Ruislip Library opening borisintelligent boristube

Boris tweets from @mayoroflondon when he has the time.  He has over 650,000 followers and rising, and his name is trending more than any other politician.

Some reasons why Boris Johnson is the coolest.  He has a vocabulary like a 6 foot thick thesaurus.  He discusses Greek history, the movies of Nick Cage, and gangnam style with equal ease.  He has a rapier wit and can laugh at himself.   His sporting exploits are legendary.  His hair and casual clothes make him a style icon.  He has the finest brain in Britain and is renowned for his tolerance and fair-mindedness.  Melliflouous phrases fall from his lordly, hardly moving lips.   I could go on….

Our Mayor said modestly: “I am delighted but bewildered how a middle-aged man like myself with a penchant for cycling slowly could be seen as cool. Being Mayor of the greatest city on earth is a huge honour in itself, but I would like to thank the readers of Heat magazine for this fine accolade.”   But read his articles, listen to his speeches and take note of his off the cuff  jokes.  Nobody is as switched on and plugged into the zeitgeist as Bojo.