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100 great things that Boris accomplished as Mayor!

Everyone knows what a fantastic Mayor Boris was, and how he got crime down, met his housing target, got young kids into sport, and did loads for the Arts, including the wonderful popup Shakespeare on London streets.

But here are 100 more things you might not know about. Under Mayor Boris, London was saved from double dip recession, and became the no. 1 city in the world. Continue reading

Boris is such a great negotiator, he once pulled off a multi million deal in the mens’room

Brilliant Boris Johnson set out his vibrant One Nation leadership political credo in a speech to former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice think tank last week.

If there is one politician guaranteed to make the most of the many opportunities of Brexit it is Boris.  Nobody can sell this country abroad better than he can, and so enthusiastic is he when deal making and promoting Britain, he once pulled off a multi million deal in the men’s room.   (that was how he got the money for the cable car).  He raised literally billions for London, in deals, investment and funding.  Continue reading