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Boris Johnson unstitches the catastrophe that was Cameron’s Libyan policy

Libya is the front line in Europe’s struggle against illegal migration and terrorism,  says Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson met Libyan unity government prime minister Fayez Sarraj (right)

The Foreign Secretary is making his second trip to Libya this year and has pledged more than £9m to help tackle people trafficking and terrorism. The BBC reported that he agreed with Libya’s prime minister that the EU should do more to help tackle the migration crisis. Continue reading

Boris gives a speech in the sublime setting of Pontignano

Yesterday,  after the bilateral meeting with his Italian counterpart, Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, in Florence, Boris Johnson travelled to Pontignano, in Siena.pontignano4He had been invited to open the 2016 edition of the Pontignano Conference, and gave a speech “Who Owns the Future?”, a huge pleasure, not least because of the sublime setting. Continue reading

Why so serious? The real Boris Johnson stands up

As Mayor of London, Boris was always happy and smiling, full of fun, jokes and bonhomie.  Now that he is Foreign Secretary, as befits his role, he has a whole new moody thing going on.  borismoodyFrom sunny charm, he can switch in a flash to a scowl that Brando would envy. His responsibilities include dealing with terrorism, strategies to foil Daesh,  Syria, dealing with members of the EU at summits, Brexit, responsibility for MI5 and MI6 and many other equally vital matters.   Continue reading

Sadiq Khan’s team strategy was to tar Zac Goldsmith as a racist

Anyone who believes that Zac and his aides ran a dirty, rascist campaign is wrong.  It is clear to me that Zac is not a racist, and tackled the situation in the way he did, because he wanted Sadiq Khan to play fair and face the scrutiny expected of any Mayoral  candidate.zachitDuring this bizarre campaign, we need to focus on two facts,which on the face of it, seem inexplicable.

a) Why did Sadiq Khan consistently refuse to explain any of the incidents concerning extremism that naturally worried Zac’s aides, in a way that would reassure Zac’s team and voters? Continue reading

EU out to kill democracy, and Remain and the PM are all for it

Does the PM even realise the irony of what he is saying?  In the House of Commons today, he praised the virtues of democracy, suggesting that the demonstration of democracy is a weapon in reducing terrorism. davebully EU law now supercedes British law, a development furiously deplored by Boris Johnson. The ability of the British people to call our law makers to account is gone, and the PM is all for it.   He is even undemocratically lining up authority figures such as the US Prez to tell us what to vote. Continue reading

The gangster organisation of Isil is a narcissistic death cult, says Boris

This week, in the Daily Telegraph, after three terrorist attacks in a week,  Boris Johnson is writing about the Islamic State. He begins:

“If we are going to defeat our enemies we have to know who they are. We have to know what to call them. We must at least settle on a name – a terminology – with which we can all agree. And the trouble with the fight against Islamic terror is that we are increasingly grappling with language, and with what it is permissible or sensible to say.When a man sprays bullets at innocent tourists on a beach, or when a man decapitates his boss and sticks his head on the railings, or when a man blows himself up in a mosque in Kuwait – and when all three atrocities are instantly “claimed” by the same disgusting organisation – it is surely obvious that we are dealing with the same specific form of evil. This is terrorism.

Continue reading

Boris Johnson praised on Fox News for not “cowering in the face of extremism!”

Boris Johnson might have created a huge furore amongst the weak kneed lefties this side of the pond, by insisting on strong action to prevent extremism and radicalisation, but his red blooded attitude is being praised to the skies on US Fox TV.borisfoxHe has a long list of admirers on US TV, and the Independent reports: “In the London Mayor’s most recent newspaper column, he said that British citizens who travel to “war areas” such as Iraq and Syria should be presumed possible terrorists until they can prove themselves innocent.

Johnson’s call for a tougher stance to deal with British extremists came after a video last week showed a suspected  Islamic State (Isis) militant from the UK killing the US journalist James Foley. Continue reading