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Nick Clegg to be knighted – he’s the Prince of Pisstoleers

Nausea overwhelmed twitter at the news that Nick Clegg   – yes, Nick Clegg, is to be knighted in the New Years Honours list.  Lord Fibbington Muchley, the poster boy for perfidy.

Nick Clegg

Nick is to be knighted for his services to the Coalition, ie. consistently using his veto to block every single decent idea the Tories had.  His most damaging intervention was to  block all terror measures and plans to fight radicalisation on the grounds of human rights in spite of valiant efforts by David Cameron over an entire weekend to change his mind.  This is how one of Nick Clegg’s Coalition partners described him, in May  2014.   Continue reading

Corbyn is a worse traitor than Kim Philby

There is fury throughout London at the latest terror attack, and huge admiration for the lightning and heroic response from the Met.  Boris Johnson does not  believe that Jeremy Corbyn is capable of defending us from terror. So let’s look at Corbyn’s record.Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has refused to back terror measures or measures against radicalisation 56 times.  He calls Hezbollah his friends. He wanted the IRA to win. Continue reading

Lib Dems need to get on board over terror measures or get off the bus!

Quite rightly, the PM jumped like a ton of bricks on the universities minister Greg Clark after he spoke out against Home Office plans to force universities to ban non-violent ‘extremists from speaking at universities.    David Cameron was backed up by the Home Secretary Theresa May and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.nickvinceThe huge row comes after it emerged Mrs May is at loggerheads with the Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable over the issue.  About time!  We cannot passively allow the Lib Dems to rule the roost over terror measures as they have done in the past, to preserve the status quo. Continue reading

All terror measures and plans to fight radicalisation blocked by Nick Clegg

Boris  Johnson took the lead on suggesting tough measures and was praised to the skies by Greg Gutfeld of Fox News for not “cowering in the face of terrorism.”  Do nothing and the tide of terror will be at our door, said the Mayor.cameronclegg2Our PM then made a strong speech and was praised by Fox News for showing leadership and decisive action in the face of a severe security threat.  The police and our security forces have all agreed that Boris was right in saying if anyone went to Syria or Iraq they should say why.  On their return, their passports should be removed and/or they should be arrested. Continue reading