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May won’t say what she stands for, won’t debate and avoids all scrutiny

Although Theresa May claims to be “protecting Brexit”,  the strategy of rushing through a snap election should give Brexit voters huge cause for alarm.  She is duplicating the strategy of Harold Wilson in 1975.

Ted Heath rushed us illegally into the EU in 1972, by not calling a Referendum.  Three years later, Harold Wilson apparently set this right, but he turned the Ref. into a vote of confidence for the government  which, like May, he knew he would win.  He then took advantage of the innocent public by binding us further into the EU. Continue reading

Nigel Farage beats down Gina Miller on Marr

Gina Miller is forced to admit to Nigel Farage that politicians have lied all along the line over the EU Referendum.   They lied to us in 1972, when Ted Heath gave his word to the British people that we were not losing British sovereignty, and carried on lying over the years. Continue reading

Labour has destroyed social mobility, says Tony Parson in The Sun

A brilliant article in the Sun today,  by Tony Parsons,  who lays the death of social mobility at Labour’s door.   Once, it didn’t matter how humble your beginnings, you could make it to No. 10.  Now “second rate poshos” rule the roost. borisselfie59Parsons says:  “If you were lucky enough to be born in Britain, you could make it all the way to 10 Downing Street.

And it didn’t matter if your father was a shopkeeper (Margaret Thatcher). Or if your dad was a carpenter and your mother a maid (Ted Heath). Or even if dad sold garden gnomes (John Major). Continue reading