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Corbyn’s ratings nose dive! Worst since before GE!

A poll shows the personal ratings of Jeremy Corbyn are bad:    it’s clear the  honeymoon is over.  Theresa May, who is the most unpopular Tory PM for yonks is doing better  and she has not been doing a good job.

An Ipso Mori poll shows the Tories at 41% and Labour on 40%, nearly level pegging.   However, the percentage who are unhappy with his performance has jumped from 26 to 34.   Continue reading

Tweet on Syria by Emeritus Professor puts peaceniks in their place

Boris says on Marr, Assad wants to impose “a Carthaginian peace” on Syria

Boris Johnson was praised for his clarity in this interview on the Andrew Marr show, in which he talked about the successful US/UK/FR  air. strike in Douma.

The strike was to take out three chemical weapon sites, not to engage in the conflict in Syria or to replace Assad.  Boris says it was a preposterous and deranged suggestion from Jeremy Corbyn that the UK was involved in the poison attacks. Continue reading

Boris’s comments on OPCW report as crisis in Syria escalates

Boris Johnson has made a statement on the analysis by the OPCW (Org. for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) of the poison that was used to try to kill the Skripals.   The full report of the the OPCW is also below.  The horrific result of the use of chemical weapons in Syria is a warning if no action were taken when there are further incidents here.

Boris has had experience of the use of chemical warfare in Syria, since he became Foreign Secretary.  He states that Assad has used chemical weapons four times since 2014. The displacement of 700.000 Syrians is a major crisis since early 2018.  Continue reading

Polls show majority want action taken against Assad in Syria

Corbynistas are sayng that no-one is in favour of Britain backing the US in exacting retribution against the Assad government.  I have never believed this to be true.  A poll from Sky Data shows that 51% were in favour of action being taken against the Assad regime.  32% were against and 17% were don’t knows.

A friend of mine is a professor at UCL.  He was kind enough to lobby students and lecturers at UCL  and the result was the same as the SKY poll.  Students and lecturers when asked, in the main, agreed something must be done.  The feeling was if we allowed a poison attack once on British soil,  with no retaliation, the door would be open for further attacks. Continue reading

What is the truth? World Health Org. demands access to Syria chemical weapons site

Russian spin doctors are issuing contradictory reports, but their main story is that chemical weapons have not been used in Douma and the reports of civilians killed, including children are fake.  What is the truth?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded “unhindered access” to Douma in Syria to check reports from its partners that 500 people were affected by a chemical attack there. Continue reading

Why Israel launched an air strike on Iran in Syria

The Russians have fingered the Israelis as being responsible for the air strike on Syria on Monday night.   8 strikes were launched.  5 were diverted, but 3 hit the target bang on, killing soldiers in an Iranian base.

Former Israel Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Eitan Ben Eliyahu said the alleged use of chemical weapons “could not have gone without a response.”

Israel has repeatedly expressed its red lines when it comes to Syria. It will not allow the transfer of high-powered weapons to Hezbollah; it will not allow any breach of Israeli sovereignty; and, as apparently in this case, it will work to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in Syria.  Continue reading