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Now whip cracking EU wants to control members’ taxes and economies

A leader in The Sun has really let the cat out of the bag.    Apparently when Boris Johnson was slated for saying that the EU was all about forming a militant superstate he was bang on the nail. 

The Sun says:  We always said a vote to stay in the EU would not keep the status quo. That Brussels would grab more power and engulf us. Continue reading

You Gov reveals NOBODY wants a United States of Europe, the project a flop

Extensive You Gov research reveals that the plan for a United States of Europe is a flop!  Nobody wants  it, not even the German people.  As schadenfreude overwhelms Martin Shultz, it is hard not to titter cattily.  Smug Remainers are getting their comeuppance.

Martin Schultz

YouGov asked: “Martin Schulz, head of the Social Democratic Party in Germany (SPD), spoke at the party conference about his vision to transform the EU into the United States of Europe by 2025 – with a common constitutional treaty.  Continue reading

If Great Repeal Bill is a power grab, what is the EU??

Jeremy Corbyn has ordered his party to block  the Government’s efforts to convert EU rules into British law, the party confirmed today, on democratic grounds.   Debate begins this week on the so-called Great Repeal Bill, intended to provide the first step in legally taking us out of the EU.

A Labour spokesman said: “As democrats we cannot vote for a bill that unamended would let Government ministers grab powers from Parliament to slash people’s rights at work and reduce protection for consumers and the environment.” Continue reading

Boris lists the ideas that have made Britain great that the EU is trying to destroy

In the Lowy Lecture in Sydney last week, Boris explained the series of ideas that have made Britain great.  These are the ideas the EU is trying to destroy. The picture below is Cleisthenes, called the father of democracy. 

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Habeas Corpus
  • An independent judiciary
  • Freedom to make fun of politicians in whatever way we like, ie free speech.

Continue reading

How cheating Remain tried to rig the Referendum

It is an outright lie that both sides have made false claims in the EU Referendum. The PM has gone all out to rig the Referendum with the assistance of George Osborne, in every way he possibly can and the facts bear this out.boriscamgoveAppalling dishonesty has been practised by the Prime Minister and George Osborne in their desperate attempt to make sure we stay in the EU , lose democracy and become a superstate.  Remain has: Continue reading

EU is desperate to silence Boris Johnson over his warning of an EU superstate

On twitter, many people don’t read Boris’ articles or interviews, so they jump to the wrong conclusion merely because they hear the word “Hitler”.  However, we expect better from SKY News.Napoleon3Boris Johnson gave an important interview saying that Napoleon and Hitler had dominated countries in Europe  through military dictatorships. In Hitler’s case, as with the EU, democratic systems had been overthrown.    History showed how dangerous this was. He said “The EU wants a superstate, just as Hitler did”.  This is demonstrably true.  Jean Claude Juncker has said there is no room for democracy in the EU. Continue reading