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An outraged Lord Sugar says don’t vote for Sadiq Khan

Lord Alan Sugar, as well as a brilliantly astute businessman is known as a philanthropist, who mentors and finances hardworking talent. He is trending on twitter right now,  his comments on Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayoral hopeful, in the Sunday Times already a sensation.  Below, the famously blunt Lord Sugar gives the unvarnished truth about Khan. lordsugar“I joined Labour in 1997 because it had shown it could be trusted with the economy. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown believed in a strong private sector. They knew you could afford to pay for good schools and a decent NHS only if you let businesses get on with delivering jobs and growth. Sure, the party had some loony lefties; one of them even became mayor of London. But with that one exception, they weren’t in a position to do any damage. Continue reading

Atma Singh says of Sadiq Khan “He will revert to type”

Respected ex Labour member Atma Singh was adviser to Ken Livingstone on Asian issues from  2001 to 2007.  His article in the  Sunday Times is given below in full.AtmaSinghLet Red Ken be a warning about hard-left mayors and Islamists

The last time I spoke publicly during a mayoral election, it was to blow the whistle on Ken Livingstone. I was one of his advisers for seven years, and I witnessed first hand the damage his brand of radical far-left politics did to London. At this mayoral election I am speaking out again because I fear we are about to make the same mistake with Sadiq Khan. Continue reading

PM thinks we can’t decide on EU Ref without advice from Obama and Hollande? Yes We Can!

So great is the contempt of the Prime Minister for the British people, he thinks we need the advice of foreign Heads of State on the EU Ref.  to tell us what to vote.  Cameron is lining up President Obama, and the French Prez Hollande to frighten us about the horrors that await us if we vote OUT, says Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times.obamahollandeThe time of Obama and Hollande would be better spent warning us of the dangers of having a war monger, Tony Blair, as the EU Prez. That is the price demanded by the Blairites as the cost of their support over Europe. Continue reading

The brutal truth – the PM has not saved us from “ever closer union” says Dominic Lawson

In today’s Sunday Times,  Dominic Lawson knocks on the head the PM’s claim allows us freedom from “ever closer union”.  At the recent summit, our PM declared ““Ever since we joined, Europe has been on the path to something called ever-closer union. It means a political union. We’ve never liked it. We’ve never wanted it. And today we have permanently carved Britain out of it.”pmmisleadingThis is absolutely not true. The truth is that we have no more protection after the PM’s EU deal than we did before.

Dominic Lawson says: “Most pertinently, is there any judgment by the European Court of Justice (whose rulings on EU law are binding on the British government) which might be reversed — or reversible — as a result of this exemption from the rhetoric of “ever-closer union”? Continue reading

Sadiq Khan linked to “bin Laden of the net”

When I pointed out that Sadiq Khan’s mentor in becoming the Labour candidate for Mayor of London was Red Ken, who supports radical Islam, and asked where Mr. Khan stood on the issue, the answer was silence.  Anyone else who asked this question was accused of racism. Sadiq’s supporters cannot accuse me of this because  I am a known enthusiastic supporter of British Muslims on twitter. As Mayor, Ken Livingstone caused outrage when he invited terrorist Al Qaradawi to City HallsadiqextremistIt now transpires that according to this morning’s Sunday Times, Sadiq has repeated shared a platform with an extremist Imam, who acted as an al-Qaeda recruiter. The Sunday Times reports:  “The London mayoral race erupted into acrimony as a former aide to Theresa May said Khan lacked “judgment” for attending at least four meetings organised by Stop Political Terror, a group supported by Anwar al-Awlaki. Continue reading

Osbo “enjoys” slicing budgets of his leadership rivals reports Sunday Times

In the Sunday Times today, Tim Stanley makes the claim that the Chancellor “enjoys” slicing the budgets of his leadership rivals.   This is a shocking claim of behaviour that does not befit a Chancellor.GeorgeO4The Sunday Times reported:  “George Osborne was embroiled in a fresh cabinet row over the government’s spending review last night, amid claims that the chancellor was “enjoying” cutting the budgets of his main rivals for the Tory leadership. Continue reading

Explosive: Fraser Nelson reveals Osbo changes puts lower paid on tax rates of up to 93%

Research printed by The Spectator in an article by Fraser Nelson today reveals that Osborne’s tax changes mean:”Some workers will be able to keep just 7p in every extra £1 that they earn. So the new system will put them on an effective tax rate of 93 per cent.”frasernelsonFor other equally damaging statistics, please click on the link in the first paragraph. Continue reading