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Groping is indeed about power, which proves my view that women should stay out of politics

Rachel Johnson made a good point in her Mail on Sunday column , although I disagree with her conclusion.  Rachel said groping isn’t about sex, it’s about power.  Good point!  Because politics itself is all about power, and those who rise to the top are those with the will and cunning to exercise it best.  Ann Widdecombe also duffs up female MPs in the Daily Express.  .  Stop your moaning, says Ann, as she goes on to say they aren’t up to the job.  I agree with every word.

The ruthless Catherine de Medici

The ruthless Catherine de Medici

Unfortunately, women can’t, with a very few exceptions, exercise power like men can. Margaret Thatcher was a shining exception.  She understood how to gain and wield power, so successfully that to their fury, she beat men over and over again.   I bet she slapped down any number of gropers without a second thought, too.  Barrister Joanne Cash says there is much much less sexism in the legal profession than in politics. Of course.  In a world where establishing dominance is the primary objective,  for certain MPs, sexism is just one of the many means available in keeping a section of your rivals in their place, while gaining ascendancy.  Continue reading

Lynton Crosby strategy is so lethal because it is always based on the truth

A report on the front page of today’s Sunday Times gives alleged details of another lethal Lynton Crosby strategy.  I have worked on two Crosby mayoral campaigns, in a junior capacity, and was impressed with the intelligence, level of focus and the quality of the research of the operation.lyntoncrosby2

The power of Crosby strategy, unlike Labour strategy, is that it is all based on the truth.  If you blogged for Boris Johnson, you could say what you liked, but if you quoted facts, you had to verify them with links.  Lying was unacceptable. All the ammo. used by the inner and outer teams was based on scrupulous research from City Hall records or other reputable sources. Continue reading

Don’t bother to run for Mayor, George Galloway, Londoners are wise to your game. You will lose

In the Huffington PostGeorge Galloway has declared he intends to “fight Boris Johnson” for the job of Mayor in the next Mayoral election.  George of course knows perfectly well this will never happen.  Boris has made it plain he will not stand as Mayor for a third term, publicity seeking George is just talking through his ass as usual.georgegallowayIn a move that duplicated the incendiary leaflet campaign in Bradford West that helped win the seat for Galloway,  in March 2012, the Sunday Times reported that leaflets were sent to 75 mosques and Islamic centres smearing Boris Johnson. No doubt if George Galloway were ever fool enough to stand in the election, we would endure more of the same dirty tactics.

Muslims form 8.5% of the London population, and many Muslims have already wised up to the fact that Ken Livingstone, for all his much vaunted support of the Muslim population, was playing communities off against each other for his own ends.  When Boris and Ken attended the Muslim hustings during the last election, Boris was chided for an old article in the Spectator for which he apologised.  Ken however, took a body blow from the sharp witted Muslim Lady Chairman, who told him “You are making Islamophobia worse.”

On 30th March, 2012, a Times leader said of Ken’s election strategy:  “A divisive politics that seeks to exploit tensions between religious groups for electoral gain would be a disaster, not just for the city but for the country. And it is to be hoped that Mr Livingstone will find it a disaster for him as well. Muslims value a united London too.”

The above is even truer of George Galloway.  Don’t bother to run, Mr. Galloway, Londoners are wise to your game.  You will lose.

Update:  Amidst a storm of protest from Londoners and biting criticisms from councillors in Bradford West that already George is “bored of Bradford West”, George is already backtracking….

Bitter pill: Sunday Times article shows feminism is going backwards

An achingly sad article in the Sunday Times magazine shows that feminism is being pushed backwards.  Far from equality, many young women are still in thrall to men, victims of peer pressure, forced to have sex whether they are willing or not.   The double standard is still rife.  If a boy sleeps with more than one girl, he is “a legend”, but when a girl does the same, she is a “slut” or a “red bitch”.

The article described the easy availability of the morning after pill and the way this has released boys from all responsiblity.  They don’t want to use a condom because they say they “want to do it like porn.” The Sunday Times reports that Dawn Clark, a psychotherapist and councillor with the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, confirms she has heard this a thousand times.

It is commendable that schools are teaching pupils about responsible contraception,  but it is a huge concern that schools are falling down on teaching girls they have equal rights with the boy.    There is no mention of respect, intimacy, feelings, or advice how to stand up for yourself to girls, particularly if the boy is violent, and no word from teachers to boys about equality,  or that they should not force girls into sex.

“Sometimes it’s easier just to give in and have sex, rather than have them punch you in the head, and then go off the next day and get the morning after pill” said one of the girls in a chillingly flat tone.  “Most men use their fists when you stand up to them.”  One girl said: “They only want one thing, then they leave.”

The girls interviewed were girls from difficult backgrounds, whose lives were full of pain.  What are schools doing to protect these young women, with their “sex is fun,  just don’t get an infection” philosophy?  If you don’t get love and affection at home, you look for it wherever you can find it, until you realise casual sex is  nothing to do with that.   No doubt the schools would argue  it is the job  of the parents to provide advice on the emotional side.  But where does that leave the many kids with no responsible, caring parents to turn to?

This is not equality.  This is not feminism.  Instead the result is that vulnerable  14 year old girls are giving blow jobs to boys for packets of fags in dark alleys.  Kids are now taught about contraception at around ten to eleven years old.   Interviewer Eleanor Mills said she found privileged girls she interviewed often dealt with the same problems.

More honesty and openness about sex does nothing but good, and is a big step forward.  The total lack of support and advice on the emotional side and on women’s rights can however, turn the new attitude into a double edged sword. somebody has to teach  both sexes about the realities of sexual relationships.   Because of this “anything goes” attitude to sex  from schools, teachers are setting young women up to be victims.  Feminism is being pushed backwards, this is not equality and it is the same old sexual slavery all over again.

Inflammatory leaflets are sent to 75 mosques, smearing Boris Johnson

One aspect of the election campaign that helped win Bradford West for George Galloway was a leaflet smear campaign against his oppenent, Imran Hussain.  The leaflets accused Mr. Hussain, amongst other things,  of drinking alcohol. Galloway, said the leaflet, is teetotal.

This at least is one claim bombastic Ken cannot make – Channel 4 devoted a whole programme to his drink problem, but he has the dubious advantage of George Galloway supporting his campaign.

In a move that duplicates the incendiary leaflet campaign in Bradford West, the Sunday Times  reported today that  75 mosques and Islamic centres throughout London were targeted with leaflets smearing Boris Johnson.

The leaflet urged Muslims to vote for Ken Livingstone and accused Boris of believing that Islam is as wicked as the Nazis.  (Boris’s great grandfather was a Muslim and could recite the entire Koran by heart.) After the 7/11 bombing, Boris wrote a harsh article in the Spectator, criticising extremist aspects of the religion.  He has told Muslim leaders he regrets this. As in Bradford West, it is not known who sent the leaflets.  Livingstone’s campaign denied any knowledge. Boris has been doing extremely well in the polls.

Somebody is so desperate to win they are prepared to fight dirty to conquer the formidable opposition.

After Boris bikes, the next thing is Boris bees

Yaroo!  After Boris bikes, we soon might have Boris bees!  This is a truly brilliant idea from the Mayor.  If there is one insect I love it is the bee.  I love sitting in my patch of garden, watching the bees zush, zoom and bumble over my lavender.  You can sink into a state of Zen-like bliss watching bees.

a garden bumble bee

Atticus in today’s Sunday Times, reports:   “After Boris’s bikes, let’s hear it for Boris’s bees. The mayor of London will next month announce plans to expand bee-keeping across the capital as part of a scheme to encourage Londoners to produce their own food.  Has he not considered the political risk? From now on, if anybody gets stung it’ll be Boris’s fault.”

Ignore the last sentence.  I am up for this!  I would love to investigate beekeeping and find out if it would be possible to take up as a hobby. Shakespeare used bees as imagery more than any other image.  They are beautiful creatures. Our Mayor has a natural affinity with bees, because they both know a lot about bumbling . (when it suits them.)


BREAKING BORIS NEWS.   Boris Johnson has made it plain to David Cameron and the Treasury that he might resign as Mayor, over negotiations over his budget.  Boris is not prepared to stand by and see key transport projects jeopardised, and he has made it crystal clear he is not prepared to be screwed over.

Boris, genial and good natured though he is, is known to have an iron will if he believes something to be wrong and he is determined to protect the future of Crossrail, tube upgrades  and other projects.  George Osborne understands the value of Crossrail, but has indicated it might have to be scaled back.  The Treasury has warned Boris that the budget might be cut by 5%, leaving him to fill a shortfall of approximately £800M. Continue reading