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May 13 points ahead of cynical antisemite Corbyn

A Mail on Sunday poll shows that PM May has soared into a huge personal lead over antisemitic Jeremy Corbyn.

On March 4th, the Russians tried to murder the Skripals and May’s personal popularity soared to 13 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. Her handling of the situation far outclassed the potty theories of the Labour leader, who was seen as a Russian stool pigeon, or as Boris Johnson put it, Russia’s useful idiot.   Continue reading

Why the youth vote is turning away from “unpatriotic” Corbyn

Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis has reported that Tory membership is rising by the day. Tory support has swelled to 500,000 including activists.  The  bottom line is voters simply don’t know what Labour stands for anymore, and the way Corbyn stuck up for the Russians has probably sounded the death knell on his career.

Six thousand Tory supporters have signed up since January alone. Continue reading

Academics who dare to back Brexit are bullied by hard left says Dominic Lawson

An article by Dominic Lawson describes his admiration for the academics who dare to publicly back Brexit, because as Dominic makes plain, they pay a huge price.  He says they need thick skins and courage, because the hard left that rules our universities are prepared to stop at nothing to bully them into submission.

A group of academics is so outraged by this behavior, they have formed a group called Briefings for Brexit, led by Dr. Graham Gudgin and Professor Robert Tombs,  to counter the propaganda and undemocratic fake smears of the Remainers.  Continue reading

We are facing the battle of our lives, says Boris. Get ready!

In the Sun today, friends of Boris Johnson have expressed his deep concerns that the establishment are planning to force May into a deal that is so bad, it will not be worth leaving.

May is reliant on the Remainers in the Cabinet for survival.   Davi Davis is a weak and  unreliable Brexiteer, who at one time, tried to form an alliance with Hammond. In the Sunday Times yesterday, Tim Shipman reported that May is on notice she will face a leadership challenge if she tries to fight another election. For some reason she seems intent on doing just that.  Continue reading

Boris’s bravery in fighting off government Brexit sellout sees him bound to top of leadership polls

When Boris found out that the Remoaners in the government were planning a transition period until 2024, he hurled himself into the breach and fought it off like a tiger.  His stirring article bursting with enthusiasm for Brexit was like a hand grenade, hurled into appalling mess that Brexit has become.  That bravery has seen Boris bounce to the top of the ConHome leadership poll, from his worst rating ever, four weeks ago.

It duplicates the results of the YouGov poll, that had Boris first in line, with Jacob Rees Mogg second.  (Ruth Davidson isn’t eligible.)

Oddschecker shows Boris is now the top choice for Tory leader and also the top choice for next Tory PM.

Brexit is getting nowhere and the strategy of appeasement adopted by the PM and David Davis is manna to EU Chiefs, who recognise patsies when they see them.  They clearly have no intention of giving us a good deal. Continue reading

If Boris hadn’t fought May, risking everything, we would be controlled by EU until 2024

A front page article in today’s Sunday Times reveals exactly why Boris Johnson had to write his apocalyptic Brexit article, and how he battled so ferociously to defend the red lines of Brexit, he prevailed and May had to back down from a disastrous EU  deal.

The Sunday Times reported:  It emerged that Johnson wrote his bombshell Brexit article published last weekend after seeing a paper on Britain’s negotiating position signalling that May was on the verge of backing a deal that would have forced Britain to agree any changes in regulations with Brussels even after leaving the EU.  Continue reading

Overwhelming praise from journos and editors for Boris Johnson’s vision on Brexit

Journalists and editors are lining up to praise in glowing terms the fearless  power and imagination of Boris’s vision for Brexit.

As Andrew Gimson says in his article, Timid Tories need a warrior like Boris:   It is a rallying cry to the troops. Johnson steps forward like Henry V before Agincourt. Gimson says later on: Do we really want to show such an anxious attitude to Europe?  Continue reading