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In his strongest speech yet, Boris says Assad is an arch terrorist

Boris Johnson’s view on how to achieve peace in Syria has never wavered and his latest speech is stronger than ever.  He has held this view since 2016, and below,  in the Sunday Telegraph today, he explains exactly he believes this is the way forward.

Boris begins:   “It is in some ways bizarre that Bashar al-Assad should be so reckless. It seems mystifying that he should now raise the stakes by so blatantly murdering so many of his own people with chemical weapons. Indeed, there is a sense in which it would frankly be more convenient for the outside world to pretend that it did not happen.  Continue reading

The bizarre behaviour of Liam Fox could damage Brexit

Brexit is a turning point in British history, a huge step foward for Britain and a cause for great rejoicing.  It is absolutely vital that Brexit should be delivered, properly and soon. So why Liam Fox is behaving in the way he is seems inexplicable.EU referendumMr. Fox from the start has behaved in a provocative, disruptive manner towards his fellow Brexiteers.  Considering the importance of his task, this is beyond my comprehension. The Daily Mail reported:  “Just weeks after the two Brexit campaigners were elevated to the Cabinet by Theresa May, Dr Fox told the Foreign Secretary that his newly-created International Trade Department should be handed control of economic diplomacy. Continue reading

Why will Corbyn not reveal his policy for dealing with Daesh?

It is incredible that as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has not told us how he would deal with Daesh. It is not a strategy to say he does not approve of the air strikes. Just a day after the appalling death of good hearted cabbie Alan Henning, Corbyn said his death was the result of  “interference and jingoism”. Again, criticism of our participlation in ME wars is not a strategy.corbyn2According to the Sunday Telegraph, and every other reputable authority, Daesh (ISIS) cannot be reasoned with.  Their aim is not ultimate peaceful coexistence. The aim of the organisation is world domination, achieved by their favourite occupation, killing, in as cruel a way as possible. Continue reading

Thatcherism lives, Ding dong! says Boris in today’s Daily Telegraph

Boris Johnson has launched a feisty defence of Baronness Thatcher and her policies ever since the tragic news of her death last week.  Today, he presents a defence of Thatcherism in the Daily Telegraph.maggie2

Boris begins:  “Ding dong, the Soviet Union is dead! Ding dong, communism is dead! And so is the British disease. They are all dead as doornails – the myth of this country’s inevitable decline, the habit of capitulating to the unions, the belief in state control of everything from motor manufacturers to removals firms, taxation rates at 98 per cent: all the Lefty nostrums of the post-war epoch. Continue reading

How Ken treated City Hall like his own personal piggy bank

Ken Livingstone is now in trouble on all fronts, not least the Times leader last week that said that because of his divisiveness,  it would be a disaster for London if he won. Details of the horrendous financial irresponsibility displayed during Ken’s Mayoralty were already revealed here.  Today more details of Ken’s lavish spending, financed by City Hall funds surfaced, one article in the Mail on Sunday and one in the Daily Telegraph.

The Mail on Sunday revealed that as Mayor, Ken seems to have treated City Hall like a private company, his own personal piggy bank.  He thought it was fine to buy personal items like a shirt, a lamp and a £260 pair of shoes. He spent over £6,600 on alcohol, all delivered to the Mayor’s office. Ken ran up a bill of over £66,000 on a corporate credit card.  The main expenditure was lavish meals, taxis and foreign travel.  This was the same card that was abused by Ian Clement, one of Boris’s deputies.  Clement received a suspended jail sentence and Boris banned all such corporate cards.  He has never owned one himself. Continue reading


Disaster hit the campaign of Red Ken Livingstone last week.  In the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Andrew Gilligan reported: “Ken Livingstone, Labour’s candidate for the London Mayoralty, faces an HM Revenue & Customs investigation, after admitting that he has set some of his election expenses against tax, saving thousands of pounds on his personal tax bill.”

“Accountants said that Mr Livingstone’s treatment of campaign staff as  tax-deductible company expenses broke HMRC rules, which say that only  expenses “wholly and exclusively” incurred for the commercial purposes of   the company can be claimed. ” Continue reading


It is beginning to look as though the Coalition is continually rushing out policy without bothering to do their homework.  David Cameron in Birmingham a few days ago said that his government “was committed to High Speed 2 Rail,”  but Boris Johnson has pointed out that there are many reasons why the project should not go ahead.

These objections were listed in a letter to Jerry Marshall, chairman of a group of anti-HS2 campaigners known as AGHAST.  In the letter, dated 20 June and seen by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Johnson writes: “While I have expressed support for a high speed rail network in the past (and continue to support it in principle) my support is conditional on a number of specific criteria and on the need to make the new railway work well for London. Continue reading