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Boris Johnson makes fun of Blair, the man with the CV from hell

Boris makes fun of disgraced politician Tony Blair, above.    As Foreign Secretary, Boris is still clearing up the mess left by the Bush/Blair war in Iraq.   Blair allegedly lied to Parliament over WMD and killed a generation of Muslims, men, women and children. Continue reading

Mr. Cameron, you cannot gag free speech

In today’s Telegraph, there is a report that ministers have “fired a warning shot at Boris Johnson.”  If he speaks out again,  “ministers are threatening to withdraw from a deal which would put the London Mayor in sole charge of a key housing quango.” Not very democratic, is it, gagging free speech?  In fact, it smacks of blackmail.

On Friday there was a report on ITV News, DC was cutting a chunk of Boris’s funding, which meant no more kids’ academies. It was like “Kick the kids out of the way, I need to show him who’s boss!”  Hopefully,  it was an awful  coincidence.

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Recently, both the Guardian, the Daily Mirror and now the Mail on Sunday, have embarked on mud slinging with a view to attacking the private life of Boris Johnson.  If this is has been instigated by Ken Livingstone, and I say if, because I have no way of knowing for sure, Ken has badly misread the mood of the country.

There has been a sea change in politics since the coalition came into being.  The country is sick to death of spin, lies and smears.   Gordon Brown regularly ratting out his own ministers to the press if they disagreed with him left a horribly sour taste.  We are weary of the Alastair Campbells, the Mandelsons and the Damian McBrides, the snitching,  the back stabbing and the playing dirty. We remember the circumstances that led to MacBride’s demise.  Such behaviour degraded politics.The expenses scandal put the lid on it.

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If it is true that Ken has been trying to dig up dirt on Boris, and he intends to fight a dirty campaign, he ought to consider the possibility that it will all blow up in his face.  The obvious assumption is that Ken isn’t up to the job and knows he can’t win the election on merit.   Ken has never been burdened with much self knowledge. Lord Mandelson damaged himself by repeating private conversations in his book and criticising Blair and Brown.   Ken can’t see that if he embarks on this sort of campaign any respect people have left for any past achievements will be ruined for ever.

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People are no longer shocked or horrified to read of affairs, breakups, or sexual transgressions, which are none of the public’s business.  These things have ceased to titillate because we have seen so much of them.  Common sense and decency have asserted themselves to such an extent, that most people are starting to recognise that it is the unhealthy poking and prying which is the real problem.  

The scales have fallen from the eyes of the public.  We are no longer fooled by the argument that journalists who snoop into politicians’ sex lives are brandishing the sword of truth and justice in the public interest.  We see their actions for what they are – destructive intrusions, achieved by spying and snitching.  They are always politically motivated and the aim is always to destroy someone’s career.  

I  don’t believe that people want this anymore.  When Boris ran for Mayor, he never stooped to blackening his opponents.  The stories circulating in the press are unsubstantiated gossip, so either give your sources or crawl back under your rock.  Londoners whatever happens, will make up their own minds. Whoever is behind all this, whatever the truth of it,  isn’t fit to clean Boris’s shoes.