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Boris sets out the case for decisive action over Somalia

There is still time to save Somalia from a third famine, said Boris Johnson when addressing the UN this week.  But we must act, and we must act now.

Action man Boris helps East Africa and women, while lefties sneer and pose on demos

One would think that Diane Abbott of all people would be excited and supportive of the great work Boris Johnson is doing for women and in helping East Africa.  In Somalia, Boris was greeted with touching emotion by Somalians, who all said what a confidence boost his visit was and what a huge difference it made to see him.  The aid he helped unload was a live saver.

He was greeted with equal warmth and enthusiasm in Ethiopia,  Uganda and Kenya, as he discussed ideas for a better future for these countries with their rulers.  Continue reading

In Boris Johnson’s interview from Uganda, he went down a storm

An interview with Boris Johnson in Uganda makes up in charm and animation from Boris what it lacks in the sound track. Continue reading

Drought in Somalia so Boris makes a surprise visit

The situation in Somalia has reached crisis point, so Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has paid a surprise visit.¬†¬† He arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu today.¬† His visit to the East African Nation was an unannounced trip and it is the first time a higher profile UK minister has visited Somalia since the Somali Parliament elected Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as president last month. Britain is appealing for aid for Somalia’s drought, which has been declared a national disaster amid warnings of a full-blown famine. Continue reading