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Who is behind the smear campaign on Boris Johnson?

Boris was conveniently  abroad last week when Sky News launched the accusation against him that he had been deceiving the public.  He really wanted free movement all along.  Boris was not there to defend himself, so Sky made the most of it. Sky newscasters were reporting every fifteen minutes that Boris was a fraud.  He had lied when he campaigned for control of our borders.

borisquizzical17Nick Clegg was wheeled out to put the knife in deeper.  “Boris Johnson has been taking the public for fools” he declaimed theatrically. The evidence was provided by four EU ambassadors, all of whom declined to give their names. Continue reading

Why Boris wrote that Remain article

The worst smears of another Remainer campaign are bouncing off Boris like surf off a baby seal.  Impossible, when reading his Remain article to conclude that he is anything but a responsible, deeply thoughtful politician.borisfo7Boris wanted to see if he could write a strong convincing article for Remain, says Political Editor Leo McKinstry, but he  found he couldn’t.  As Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson has also deduced,  he took the time to look at all the arguments.  and is clearly unconvinced by Remain. Continue reading

Remain trying to launch another smear campaign against Bojo, yaawwwnnnn

Another day, another feeble attempt to take out Boris Johnson?  So  what’s new?borissleepingThey don’t work.  Obama gave his all – the only result was Leave gained points!  Boris bounced back sunny side up! Continue reading

How Crick’s Boris/Trump stitchup came unstuck

Oh dear!  Crick used to be better than this!    His loud interview at the back of the hall when Boris Johnson was giving his speech at the Vote Leave rally in Manchester was an obvious stitchup, intended to recreate a Trump incident.boriscrickCrick’s pretence at magnanimity afterwards may have fooled some, but didn’t fool me.  Pretend innocence, perfect right?  A well oiled smear campaign immediately swung into operation.  Tweeters with hardly any followers, a major sign of a smear campaign, were suddenly all making the same comparison, that Boris was another Trump.   It was far too smooth and well organised to be genuine,  the signs were unmistakeable. Continue reading

The way David Cameron is rigging the EU Referendum is the real scandal

It is understandable that the public believe it is important that our lawmakers stick to those laws themselves,  so they are making a fuss about the PM’s tax affairs. However, the blatantly unfair way the EU Referendum is being conducted is the real national scandal.daveshiftyThe LEAVE campaign is fighting a biased media, who omit vital facts and slant their coverage towards REMAIN. In the Marr show, for example, Boris Johnson was interrupted by Andrew Marr 56 times, to outrage on Twitter.  and viewers tweeted their fury in their hundreds.  Continue reading

Inflammatory leaflets are sent to 75 mosques, smearing Boris Johnson

One aspect of the election campaign that helped win Bradford West for George Galloway was a leaflet smear campaign against his oppenent, Imran Hussain.  The leaflets accused Mr. Hussain, amongst other things,  of drinking alcohol. Galloway, said the leaflet, is teetotal.

This at least is one claim bombastic Ken cannot make – Channel 4 devoted a whole programme to his drink problem, but he has the dubious advantage of George Galloway supporting his campaign.

In a move that duplicates the incendiary leaflet campaign in Bradford West, the Sunday Times  reported today that  75 mosques and Islamic centres throughout London were targeted with leaflets smearing Boris Johnson.

The leaflet urged Muslims to vote for Ken Livingstone and accused Boris of believing that Islam is as wicked as the Nazis.  (Boris’s great grandfather was a Muslim and could recite the entire Koran by heart.) After the 7/11 bombing, Boris wrote a harsh article in the Spectator, criticising extremist aspects of the religion.  He has told Muslim leaders he regrets this. As in Bradford West, it is not known who sent the leaflets.  Livingstone’s campaign denied any knowledge. Boris has been doing extremely well in the polls.

Somebody is so desperate to win they are prepared to fight dirty to conquer the formidable opposition.