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Parliament has spoken but Anna Soubry is still not happy

Anna Soubry has spent all week asking for Parliament to be sovereign.  Parliament should always have the final decision, argues Anna, not the people.  So has Gina Miller and Gina has gone to considerable effort and expense to ensure this is so. Her logic is shaky to say the least.  Anna says sure, the people voted to leave.  She accepts that and supports it.  But that’s over now!  (?)  If the PM gets a good deal, great, but if not, Parliament must then have a meaningful vote and take over. It was left to Tory MP Mark Harper to explain to Anna that voters had voted to leave the EU, good deal or bad.    They want rid of EU interference and intend to leave whatever the deal the PM gets.  Continue reading

The deal breakers – Boris Johnson’s tough four point plan for Brexit

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has clearly laid out his four point plan for Brexit. He discussed it with Sky’s Murnaghan yesterday.borischinThe Foreign Secretary told Sky News the Prime Minister wants to retain control of borders, control of money, control of laws and the ability to do free trade deals

Boris is not in favour of Britain paying huge sums into EU coffers for the best access to the single market, although David Davis and Philip Hammond are said to like the idea. But Boris told Andrew Marr, at the moment, it was all just speculation. Continue reading

After spouting fake news, Sky finds a new way to demean itself

borismurnaghan2Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is dealing with Aleppo, Yemen, Syria, Brexit and the EU, amongst other serious situations.  He has been praised by journalists and the Foreign Office for the speed at which he grasps his briefs,  his energy, his vision and his optimistic outlook.    How sad then what happened in  an interview with Sky’s Murnaghan.

Ignoring the vital and fascinating issues that Boris is dealing with, Mr. Murnaghan decided to use part of the interview for a pub quiz.  Maintaining his good humour, Boris walked out. Continue reading

Are you sick of corrupt TV bias? If you want the truth, watch Euronews!

Were you sickened by the blatant bias of the BBC and SKY News during the EU referendum?  Are you appalled to discover that the BBC and SKY are deliberately ignoring the huge demonstrations in Germany that have gone on since 2013, against Merkel’s immigration policy? So ingrained is the bias of these channels to REMAIN that they ignore the trade deals offered to Britain in their need to please their EU paymasters.bigbrother3The most recent Mayoral election (between REMAINER Sadiq Khan and committed LEAVE candidate Zac Goldsmith)   was not truthfully reported. Zac was so digracefully smeared on the half hour on SKY,  I reported the coverage to Ofcom (and got  nowhere!) The BBC was similarly untruthful. Continue reading

BBC and SKY keep blanking news of huge demos in Germany against open borders

The German people are taking to the streets in their thousands to protest against the immigration policy of Angela Merkel and the danger of open borders.  These protests have gone on for months.  The anger against free movement strikes against the whole concept of the EU, but SKY and the BBC stubbornly refuse to report on such apocalyptic events.eugermandemosMerkel’s premiership is hanging by a thread today (31st July)  as thousands gathered to call for her resignation while a key political ally dramatically withdrew his support over immigration policy. Continue reading

Knickers to gloomadons, fight for Brexit!

It’s vital to keep up confidence right now, because the ultimate outcome of Brexit is never in doubt. Since there is so much good news to talk about, it’s strange that the TV media is unrelentingly negative, as is the entire lefty press.boriseusummit4The Bank of England says it sees “no evidence” of a sharp economic slowdown and the pound gained in strength as a result.  Any downturn is likely to be temporary and it will not be possible to judge the effects of Brexit for many months.  Positive job figures showing unemployment falling and record numbers in work were heralded by new Prime Minister Theresa May. Continue reading

Justice is done – Boris is Foreign Secretary

A thunderbolt has ripped the political scene asunder! The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has stamped her kitten heels with a vengeance! Philip Hammond is Chancellor, three major Brexiteers are in key jobs and, WOW, Boris is Foreign Secretary!borisvictoryDavid Davis, long absent  from the front bench, is deservedly back as the Secretary for Brexit.  Liam Fox heads a new department for International Trade, and  brilliant, mercurial, ultra talented Boris Johnson, is back in the most glamorous job of all, Foreign Secretary. Continue reading