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Spy game. Gove and Osbo spotted on holiday in Germany

What can they have to talk about?  Michael Gove and George Osborne were spotted this week on holiday together in Germany.  The former Cabinet pals were pictured attending Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle in the Bavarian town Bayreuth – an opera about the struggle for power.

The pages of the London Standard seem dipped in acid, as George works out his angst trashing his nemesis, Boris Johnson and ripping into Theresa May in the nastiest possible terms. Continue reading

Top level politics? Or Junior High?

Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson had a cat fight on twitter, sniping at each other like two stroppy teenagers, over a ship building contract.  It was straight out of Mean Girls. nicolaruthMiriam Clegg jeered at SamCam for serving her roast chicken for lunch with a tube of Hellmans mayonnaise. She then jibed at Ed Miliband’s kids for not knowing how to cook scrambled eggs.   Apparently, she gets back at Tories she doesn’t like by serving them fiery hot red peppers. Continue reading