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Action man Boris helps East Africa and women, while lefties sneer and pose on demos

One would think that Diane Abbott of all people would be excited and supportive of the great work Boris Johnson is doing for women and in helping East Africa.  In Somalia, Boris was greeted with touching emotion by Somalians, who all said what a confidence boost his visit was and what a huge difference it made to see him.  The aid he helped unload was a live saver.

He was greeted with equal warmth and enthusiasm in Ethiopia,  Uganda and Kenya, as he discussed ideas for a better future for these countries with their rulers.  Continue reading

Before he flogged the water cannon, dictator Sadiq should have asked the people

As a Mayor of London keenly aware of democracy, Boris Johnson held three polls as to whether he should buy water cannon, after the  London riots.  The Met badly needed them. .  Boris did not just wake up one morning and think “Today  I fancy hosing down a few people.” boriswatercannonThe Met were rightly concerned that, after the worst violence in living memory,  44 police were  injured, 4 very seriously.  There were 450 arrests, many of them foreign insurgents, some armed.   Water cannon can prevent buildings burning to the ground and protect fire fighters and  paramedics in a way hoses cannot. Hundreds of buildingsw were burnt to the ground.  The cops wanted to prevent this happening again. Continue reading

Jam packed! Traffic chaos, but STILL Sadiq Khan won’t cap minicabs!

Every road in London is choked with minicabs, but still TfL are issuing minicab licences at a rate of 700 a month!  What is Sadiq Khan thinking?  Why does he not keep pushing  for the legislation that will allow him to impose a cap?sadiquberAs long as George Osborne was in government, no Mayor had a hope in hell of getting the legislation to cap minicabs.   Sadiq Khan lobbied the government while George was Chancellor, but he must have known the answer would be a big fat NO.  A black cab driver who is a member of the LTDA, told me Sadiq lobbied for the legislation, but was refused, when George was still Chancellor. Continue reading

Are you sick of corrupt TV bias? If you want the truth, watch Euronews!

Were you sickened by the blatant bias of the BBC and SKY News during the EU referendum?  Are you appalled to discover that the BBC and SKY are deliberately ignoring the huge demonstrations in Germany that have gone on since 2013, against Merkel’s immigration policy? So ingrained is the bias of these channels to REMAIN that they ignore the trade deals offered to Britain in their need to please their EU paymasters.bigbrother3The most recent Mayoral election (between REMAINER Sadiq Khan and committed LEAVE candidate Zac Goldsmith)   was not truthfully reported. Zac was so digracefully smeared on the half hour on SKY,  I reported the coverage to Ofcom (and got  nowhere!) The BBC was similarly untruthful. Continue reading

Mini cab drivers are livid because finally they have to comply with regs

Until now, minicab drivers have had a free ride as far as regulations are concerned.  George Osborne, bosom buddy of Travis Kalanick, the Uber boss, made sure that mini cab applications were rushed through with the minimum of fuss, while black cab drivers have regulations and security checks up the ying yang.

Osbo was the Uber villain, but now he's gone

Osbo was the Uber villain, but now he’s gone

No more.  The regulations worked out by previous Mayor Boris Johnson are coming into force and Osbo is gone. Continue reading

Women still being assaulted in Uber cabs! Sadiq Khan needs to act NOW!

It was George Osborne who took over the issue of minicabs and PHVs from Boris Johnson through the Secretary of State.   Since then rapes and assaults have soared, and the figures are being witheld from the public.sadiqkhan6In  TAXI magazine, new Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he will fight for minicabs to be capped, which is, in itself, commendable.  But talk is cheap.  Osbo is in charge, Sadiq can talk all he likes, will anything actually happen. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan’s team had the same aim as No.10 – to throw Zac Goldsmith under the bus

Amongst my Muslim friends, one member of the local community told me an interesting story today.  He knows many eminent Muslims. Apparently, the word is  that No. 10 worked with the Blairites to scapegoat Zac Goldsmith.  They never wanted him as Mayor from the start. boriszaccam The Muslim CEO talking to my friend said: “I know Zac very well and he is absolutely not as he is being portrayed. He was suckered by No.10, who led him to think Sadiq Khan did have extremist links.  He is absolutely not a racist.  I feel terrible for Zac”. Continue reading