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100 great things that Boris accomplished as Mayor!

Everyone knows what a fantastic Mayor Boris was, and how he got crime down, met his housing target, got young kids into sport, and did loads for the Arts, including the wonderful popup Shakespeare on London streets.

But here are 100 more things you might not know about. Under Mayor Boris, London was saved from double dip recession, and became the no. 1 city in the world. Continue reading

Many politicians won’t speak about female oppression because they fear losing votes

Female rights campaigner Nimco Ali cuts to the chase.  Labour won’t speak out on how appallingly Muslim women are treated because they fear losing votes!  This is why the Rotherham grooming gangs got away with murder!

Where were the politicians when these assaults were allowed to carry on for years?  Where are they now while Boris Johnson is abused for saying women should have the right to choose and mocks the burqa as a symbol of slavery? What is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan doing,  silent, while London becomes the FGM capital of the world?? Continue reading

Lies of mouthy Sadiq Khan over police funding revealed

Ex MOPAC chief Stephen Greenhalgh has blown sky high the claims by Mayor Sadiq Khan that he is short of police funding.  Mr. Greenhalgh was a successful deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime from 2012 while Boris Johnson was Mayor.  Sadiq Khan has been an appalling May0r.  Crime has soared in all areas, and recently  there were two disembowellings and an unsolicited hammer attack on two defenceless women on the London streets in a disastrous weekend for London.   Continue reading

Murder rate never ever the fault of twinkle toes Sadiq says Boris Johnson

The deterioration of London, formerly no. 1 city in the world when  Boris Johnson was Mayor, continues to be a shocking reality ever since Sadiq Khan took over.  He has been an utter and complete disaster.  Worst of all are the crime figures, particularly the murder rate.  It is everyone’s fault but Sadiq’s!

In his Daily Telegraph article today, Boris begins:

t is a scandal that in the early part of this year the murder rate in London was really higher than in New York. It is tragic that so many young lives are again being lost on the pavements of our capital. But for my money there is a further outrage – and that is the abject failure of the Mayor of London either to grip the problem, or even to take responsibility. Continue reading

Don’t do as I do, is the policy of Mayor Sadiq Khan

“A London Labour-controlled council removed an “offensive” satirical painting of Mayor Sadiq Khan in swimwear, just weeks before Khan’s Greater London Authority allowed a balloon depicting U.S. President Donald J. Trump as a baby to fly above the city in the name of free speech.”  reports Breitbart today. 

Sadiq Khan has also said he is not in the business of censorship.  Continue reading

Give Boris a jet FGS! He’s playing for high stakes in the big leagues

When Boris raised billions for London as Mayor, one journalist commented that his astounding success is because he is a world class salesman and negotiator.  Jealous George Osborne and even more jealous, Sadiq Khan, tried to emulate him and failed.

Sadiq Khan went on one trade mission, failed to raise a penny and gave up.  Ditto Osborne.  Boris intends to carry on the outstanding work he did raising billions for London by zipping round the world as a global salesman.  To begin with, appearance is all, and the job needs Boris’s brio and panache. A grey plane won’t do the trick.  His track record speaks for itself.  Continue reading

Boris off on South American trade talks – inept May should learn from him

Boris Johnson is off on a five day  trade mission to South America, doing what he does best. Building new global trade links, ahead of Brexit.  

He is heading to the Amazon jungle to view front line efforts in the battle against the illegal trade in wildlife.

His jungle trip today comes at the start of a five-day tour of Latin America, taking in Peru, Argentina and Chile, as part of the drive to drum up post-Brexit trade.  Continue reading