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May’s unprincipled behavour is enabled by the MSM

There is only one person to blame for the dire state of Anglo/Russian relations and that is Theresa May.    The Russians have a right to be upset that PM May cancelled Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow three times , then turned on him and screamed and abused him in the media.

Putin showed good will by giving Boris an open invititation to visit Moscow to discuss his 2016 pleace plan.  The invitation was an olive branch for peace. If Boris had been allowed to quietly go through the plan in depth with President Putin, who knows what would have transpired.  When May blocked the trip for the third time, the Russians, who unleashed their fury in the media, had every right to feel upset.  Boris certainly did. Continue reading

Now the Russians accuse superbrain Boris of starting a Cold War

The Russians accused genial Boris Johnson today of starting a Cold War!  Rather a hysterical overreaction to Boris’s successful New York visit.  Straight talking Boris is a uniter, not a divider, but he was appalled at the Russians’ treatment of children in Aleppo and their support of Assad, a ruler who uses nerve gas on his own people. He would not have shirked  passing on his views.putinmoscowThe penchant of the Russians for mental chess games has also not escaped our astute Foreign Secretary.   Clearly they are concerned he is onto their manoeuvres, can play better than they can and has warned the President Elect all about them. The Sun reported:  The Foreign Secretary, who visited Mr Trump’s transition team earlier this week, had previously said Russia was “up to all sorts of very dirty tricks” such as cyber warfare. Continue reading

Kremlin ask, in their dry Russian way, if Boris is a Russian spy

It is reported on the English speaking Russian service, RT that the Russians want to know if Boris Johnson is a Russian spy! (am laughing uncontrollably).  After MI5 chief Andrew Parker accused Moscow of using underhanded tactics to destabilize Britain, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Zakharova hit back, asking if he also sees “the hand of the Kremlin in the appointment of Boris Johnson as head of the Foreign Office?”  russianfmThis is likely to be just a dry Russian joke, in response to Mr. Parker’s earlier comment.  It is funny, and we don’t take it seriously.  Continue reading

Boris Johnson has a practical plan to end the terrible suffering in Syria

Boris Johnson wrote in the Times today that there is a solution to end the appalling suffering in Syria.  Boris urges the Kremlin to end its support for Assad.assadThe Times reported:  “In an article for The Times today Mr Johnson says that Russia’s military efforts in Syria are keeping Assad in power and are “seemingly indefensible”. Mr Johnson says that Assad is the “one man who bears overwhelming responsibility” for the Syrian war and heaps censure on his “killing machine, his barrel-bombs, and . . . his fight for personal political survival”. Continue reading