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Corbyn’s ratings nose dive! Worst since before GE!

A poll shows the personal ratings of Jeremy Corbyn are bad:    it’s clear the  honeymoon is over.  Theresa May, who is the most unpopular Tory PM for yonks is doing better  and she has not been doing a good job.

An Ipso Mori poll shows the Tories at 41% and Labour on 40%, nearly level pegging.   However, the percentage who are unhappy with his performance has jumped from 26 to 34.   Continue reading

Tweet on Syria by Emeritus Professor puts peaceniks in their place

Douma war crime! Assad has used poison gas 4 times in warfare since 2014 says outraged Boris

Last night, this heartbreaking tweet appeared on twitter, giving details of yet more war crime and abuse of human rights by the Assad/Russian coalition in Syria.

There were other tragic tweets from Syria pleading for help in the satanic hell of chemical warfare in Douma!  Continue reading

Nerve agent produced at only one site in Russia, says expert

A Russian military research base has been identified as the source of the nerve agent used at Salisbury in a British intelligence briefing for its allies The Times has learnt.

It was used to persuade world leaders that Moscow was behind the poisoning and said that the novichok chemical was manufactured at the Shikhany facility in southwest Russia.   Continue reading

Boris compares Russia to Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has compared Russia to Rodion Raskolnikov, the fictional murderer from Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment,” in the aftermath of the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in England, reported The Moscow Times.

These may be dark moments for the Anglo/Russia relationship, but the Russian people should take consolation that if anyone appreciates the stunning depth and beauty of their culture, it is Boris. Continue reading

Skripals suffering from Novichok or something very similar, says Judge. OPCW decision awaited

The tough line taken by Boris Johnson over Russia has been proved to be completely correct.  Mrs. May went to Brussels yesterday, and the EU is united in backing the British line.  They accept that there can be no explanation other than Russia is responsiible for the Salisury poisoning attack.

This morning, The Times reported:  Russia’s spy networks across Europe were under threat last night as at least five EU countries prepared to follow Britain and expel diplomats in response to the Salisbury poisoning. Continue reading

I’m very worried about the safety of our football fans in Russia says Boris

Our Foreign Secretary is very worried about the safety of any Brit who makes the journey to Moscow to watch the World Cup.  Boris says he believes that Putin will use the World Cup like Hitler did the Olympics – to glorify Russia.  

Ticket sales for the Russian World Cup  from Britain are down by three quarters compared to the Rio World Cup.   Just 24,000 applications for tickets for the tournament had been sent off so far, compared to 94,000 at this stage before the Rio World Cup.  Continue reading