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Netanyahu and Prez Trump keen to form a Coalition with the UK

Steve Hilton, ex guru of the Cameron government, who left, disillusioned,  to go to the States, was on Fox News today, beaming and bursting with enthusiasm. Once more, we are seeing the old, hopeful  Steve, excited and energised by  recent events.donaldbibi

It was clear from the body language in the interview they gave on Fox that “Bibi” Netanyahu and Prez Donald Trump  have a genuine rapport.  They kidded each other and talked about deal making.  President Trump is keen to solve the Israel/Palestine  impasse and he should only be applauded for the scale of his ambition. Continue reading

Sir Tim Barrow, the Kremlinologist who stood up to Putin, replaces Sir Snitch

Sir Tim Barrow, replacement for Sir Ivan Rogers,  is known as a fixer, who gets the job done.  He has worked with Boris Johnson on a daily basis, who described him as  brilliant, and they get on great. A Whitehall source says Sir Tim knows everyone and is an amazing diplomat. timbarrowHe has solid achievements to his credit.  While in Brussels, he defeated repeated attempts to create a European army.   He has proved his mettle by standing up for British businesses in Russia and held tough conversations on Ukraine and Syria. Continue reading

How much longer is Theresa May going to block Foreign Secretary’s vital meetings?

When Donald Trump was voted in as the President Elect, it was an honour  for Britain that the first Foreign Secretary in the world to receive a phone call from the Vice President Elect Mike Pence was Boris Johnson.  In spite of his frank speaking that Russian is guilty of war crimes, Boris has also received a phone call from his opposite number in Russia, Sergey Lavrov. Mr. Lavrov recently issued an invitation for Boris to come to Russia,  a move that means vital matters will be discussed with the possibility of movement towards actions that could result in more peace in the world.  The invitation is at a date of Boris’s choosing. Continue reading

Boris’s “gaffes” are not gaffes. Truth is the only way to change the world.

Anyone who accuses our Foreign Secretary of “gaffes” should think again.  The chances of Boris Johnson going native at the Foreign Office are zero.  Boris has the courage to tell the truth, and we are so used to seeing our politicians mouth platitudes, maybe we have lost the ability to see the value of the truth when we hear it.borisaleppoMay shouted and screamed because Boris “made a gaffe” and levelled with the Saudis over Yemen.   He had already explained in Parliament that concerns about the Saudis using undue force were being investigated.   He then firmly laid it on the line with the Saudis.  The result was that Britain received an assurance from the Saudis they would never use barrel bombs again.  They also told Mrs. May they found Boris Johnson charming and appreciated his candour. Continue reading

Boris Johnson’s statement today on Aleppo

RECENT EVENTS:   Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson outlined the tragic events in Aleppo over the past few months.  The last UN convoy entered Eastern Allepo on 7th July. The last food rations were handed out on 10th November.  The last functioning hospital was blown to bits on 19th November.borisiraq275,000 men, women and children are therefore trapped in E. Aleppo without food, medical care, water, or electricity.  They are being bombarded from the air with barrel bombs by Syrian helicopters, it is a hell we cannot possibly imagine. The Foreign Sec. then gave a graphic description of barrel bombs.

The rebel forces began to collapse on 26th November, and hundreds of young soldiers have been marched off to an unknown fate. Continue reading

Boris in Berlin: You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube

Boris Johnson handled a frosty meeting in Berlin  with his German opposite number, Steinmeier with his usual placid charm today.  Steinmeier tried to rattle Boris with criticisms of the problems over Brexit,  complaining Germany had been “left in limbo”.   He also said acidly he “didn’t appreciate” Boris’s attitude during the Referendum.  The German FM confirmed there would be no single market without free movement. borisbrexit13Instead of sniping back, Boris said reasonably:  “”It’s very important to understand this is one stage in a legal process. We will go on and appeal, but I don’t think it will interfere with the timetable for that process.” Continue reading

Who is fighting whom in Syria?

It’s not at all straightforward.  Channel 4 explains.  Boris Johnson spoke out in the House of Commons yesterday, in a passionate, yet realistic speech, explaining why a no fly zone is not the answer.  That means we have to be prepared to shoot down Russian planes. Continue reading