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Brave Brexiteers fight off customs partnership – May accepts defeat

Guido Fawkes reported today that the Olly Robbins plans for the fudged up customs union have been foiled, because Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson have come down on the side of the Leavers. 

With these two, Boris, Gove, Fox and Davis had a majority.  Brexiteers breathed again, but too soon.  Now it seems from a tweet by Robert Peston, rattlesnake May immediately lashed out, revealing her true purpose.  Continue reading

Groundhog day! Merkel ridicules May’s negotiating technique at Davos

Angela Merkel had a crowd of journalists helpless with laughter, reported Robert Peston as she ridiculed Theresa May’s ridiculous negotiating technique.  Since 2016, Merkel said, she has been trapped in an inane conversation with May, like a nightmare that will never end.

Merkel has been saying to May, OK what do you want?  And May then replies, Make me an offer.  Merkel then says But you are leaving.  We don’t have to make to make you an offer.  To which May replies:  Make me an offer! This has been going on since 2016.   Continue reading

Thuglike bullies on twitter give away Corbyn’s game

Robert Peston should be ashamed at the way he brushed aside the abusive behaviour of Corbynistas.  Apparently a Tory MP has been suspended for using the phrase “n…… in a woodpile”.   Daily Corbynista abuse is a million times worse than this.

Although I am a Tory, many of Mrs. May’s policies and decisions are not policies and decisions I agree with.  But the abuse she gets is over the top.  So indignant have I been at the cussing and blinding she receives, several times, I have told the tweeters responsible that they are out of line.  Continue reading