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Remoaners flip! Boris’s Radio 4 Today interview summarised

Boris Johnson’s Camden/Westminster border analogy is attracting all the attention today, but there were lots of interesting lines in his Today interview. Here is a summary.

But there is huge furore over Boris’s remarks comparing the Irish problem to the issue of the congestion charge.    He does have a talent for grabbing the headlines!  Continue reading

From Planet Fear to Planet Prosperity say the economists backing Brexit

First the academics!   Now, sick of the lies and scaremongering of Remoaners, economists are lining up to back Brexit,    Economists make a case for a Brexit boom, reported City AM.   (scroll down link).  City AM reports:  The Economists for Free Trade believe Brexit on the basis of Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech will boost the UK’s economy by two to four per cent.  Continue reading

The City and top journalists back brave Boris and Brexit

City AM came out strongly in support of Boris Johnson’s Valentine Day speech.  They loved the positive message and his enthusiastic entrepreneurial attitude that Brexit would provide a ton of opportunities that it would be madness not to take advantage of. Think of global standards, urges Boris, not EU ones.

In another article supporting Boris’s Brexit crusade, City AM applauds his pro growth strategy. Continue reading

Great Tigger speech from Dan Hannan

This speech by Dan Hannan is a must read.

Fifteen reasons why Brexit will be great

Brexiteers are sick of the negatitivity of Remoaners!  OK, they have had their say in the name of free speech. but if there had been any grounds at all for cancelling Brexit Remoaners would have done it by now.  It is  the turn of democracy to speak.    PM Cameron pledged that the voice of the British people would be respected.  Not ignored.  According to Anthony Browne, a former aide of Boris Johnson , we have plenty of reasons to be happy over Brexit.  Anthony lists 15 of them below, and this article is via The SpectatorContinue reading

Remoaners desperate to find a candidate to challenge BoMogg

Remain panic has reached fever pitch, because they have all clocked on, too late,  they have no viable option to outflank BoMogg.  BoMogg has no intention of launching a hostile takeover, but there is something about the glint in the eyes of Boris, Mogg and Gove that makes it clear, should the need arise, they are ready.  

Unfortunately for Remainers, the cream of the party has departed. to form a triumvirate.  Boris, Gove and Mogg are by far the most  intelligent, charismatic, witty, visionary members of the Tory party, who know, particularly Boris, how to win elections.  Continue reading

A majority now supports the state visit of Prez Donald Trump says YouGov.

After the excellent interview between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump, the latest You Gov poll shows that a majority now support a state visit by the US President.   In my opinion, the antagonism to the President was never half as bad as the media made out anyway.   It was fuelled by Remainers , furious that Brexiteers have such a powerful ally in their fight to be rid of the EU.   

The figures are now 45% to 39% in favour.  Remoaners have tried their hardest to disrupt the deeply held affection of President Trump for Britain, particularly Scotland.  Remoaner Theresa May has also been less than tactful, in silly attempts to “slap down” the President.  He has just brushed her aside like a pesky mosquito.   Continue reading