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Andrew Neil’s acid reply to “whiner” Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart

Andrew Neil ridicules Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart for saying that his character would have voted Remain.

Far from “boldly going where no man went before”, Stewart’s views are the reverse of that.  Hang on to the clapped out, bullying, profligate, corrupt EU, instead of striking out, as Boris Johnson urges us,  for a fresh, free, global future!

Remoaners desperate to find a candidate to challenge BoMogg

Remain panic has reached fever pitch, because they have all clocked on, too late,  they have no viable option to outflank BoMogg.  BoMogg has no intention of launching a hostile takeover, but there is something about the glint in the eyes of Boris, Mogg and Gove that makes it clear, should the need arise, they are ready.  

Unfortunately for Remainers, the cream of the party has departed. to form a triumvirate.  Boris, Gove and Mogg are by far the most  intelligent, charismatic, witty, visionary members of the Tory party, who know, particularly Boris, how to win elections.  Continue reading

With Toby Young, Labour might have won a battle but they are badly losing the war

Dominic Lawson wrote a significant article yesterday in which he said twitter is turning people into attention seeking children.  He also criticised the lies and abuse on twitter, that are “dumbing the whole world down.”

It seems that the Labour strategy of endless abuse, lies and non stop smear campaigns aimed at leading Tory figures is not working.   Alastair Campbell should know.  His name and notoriety are based on his success in inventing smear campaigns and  spin.  Continue reading

Latest YouGov poll reveals support for Brexit up to 48%, Remain 39%

The latest YouGov poll, done for its Eurotrack survey, sh0ws that support for Brexit is 9 points ahead of Remain.  Guardian readers who believe the paper’s twisting of the facts will receive a God Almighty shock.    48% want Brexit, with only 39% wanting the EU.  

Breitbart reports:   Fieldwork carried out by YouGov for its regular EuroTrack survey found that, among a weighted sample of 1,692 adults, some 48 per cent said they would prefer Britain goes ahead with Brexit, compared with only 39 per cent who said they would still prefer to stay in the bloc. Continue reading

Labour is eating itself up over Brexit

Tories can see Labour is eating itself up over Brexit, but it took the brutal analysis of an ex Labour MP to really cut them down to size. 

Quote of the week: Ex-Labour MP Tom Harris mocks his party’s decision to vote against the EU (Withdrawal) Bill yesterday. Continue reading

May isn’t clean Brexit. She is hard Remain.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Theresa May will win the next general election.  To be honest,   it shouldn’t be called an election.   Walkover, done deal, absolute certainty are the words that spring to mind. 

As a life long Tory, I should be glad, but for the dishonesty of the present leader.  Whatever I say will not prevent a Tory win, so these are my concerns. Continue reading

May won’t say what she stands for, won’t debate and avoids all scrutiny

Although Theresa May claims to be “protecting Brexit”,  the strategy of rushing through a snap election should give Brexit voters huge cause for alarm.  She is duplicating the strategy of Harold Wilson in 1975.

Ted Heath rushed us illegally into the EU in 1972, by not calling a Referendum.  Three years later, Harold Wilson apparently set this right, but he turned the Ref. into a vote of confidence for the government  which, like May, he knew he would win.  He then took advantage of the innocent public by binding us further into the EU. Continue reading