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May appears to be going soft on Brexit

Theresa May apparently said in a private meeting last week that she is “not some crazed Brexiteer.” It was reported:  “The Prime Minister made it clear at a private meeting last week that she will not risk economic suicide by ‘jumping off a cliff’ with a hard Brexit – and secretly supports some demands by Remain Tories.”mayhammond3She now says she: Continue reading

Sadiq Khan’s team had the same aim as No.10 – to throw Zac Goldsmith under the bus

Amongst my Muslim friends, one member of the local community told me an interesting story today.  He knows many eminent Muslims. Apparently, the word is  that No. 10 worked with the Blairites to scapegoat Zac Goldsmith.  They never wanted him as Mayor from the start. boriszaccam The Muslim CEO talking to my friend said: “I know Zac very well and he is absolutely not as he is being portrayed. He was suckered by No.10, who led him to think Sadiq Khan did have extremist links.  He is absolutely not a racist.  I feel terrible for Zac”. Continue reading