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Who will help our doctor and nurses?

This is empathy fatigue,  This is how you feel when you are so emotionally and physically exhausted,  you are at the end of your rope.  Our nurses and doctors are being reduced to this state because our National Health Service, the pride of this country for decades, is now chronically overloaded.

If you dare say this aloud, you are jumped on by the ignorant.  Brexiteers are accused of racism, for saying we cannot cope with the stress of more patients in our hospitals, and more pupils in our schools. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan’s team had the same aim as No.10 – to throw Zac Goldsmith under the bus

Amongst my Muslim friends, one member of the local community told me an interesting story today.  He knows many eminent Muslims. Apparently, the word is  that No. 10 worked with the Blairites to scapegoat Zac Goldsmith.  They never wanted him as Mayor from the start. boriszaccam The Muslim CEO talking to my friend said: “I know Zac very well and he is absolutely not as he is being portrayed. He was suckered by No.10, who led him to think Sadiq Khan did have extremist links.  He is absolutely not a racist.  I feel terrible for Zac”. Continue reading

Sadiq Khan is a flip flopper, says Nadhim Zahawi, he will be found out

Loud cheers!  At last,  on SKY Murnaghan, Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi had the guts to tell the truth about Sadiq Khan. Mr. Zahawi said he thought it dreadfully wrong that we cannot call Sadiq out for bad behaviour, because he is a Muslim.   If we do, as I  know to my cost, we are called racists.nadhimzahawi2Murnaghan asked Mr. Zahawi if he thought Khan meant the things he said.  The reply was  “No he’s a flip flopper.  and people will find that out!  He says what people want to hear and that changes from day to day”. Continue reading

Orgs like Cage use our fear of being thought racist to stop us fighting terrorism

“You can’t see it, can you, “said a Muslim friend of mine laconically. “There is an inbuilt fear in Britain of being thought racist.  So every time you try to do something to fight terrorism,  organisations like Cage only have to accuse you of racism and you  feel too bad to act.  You fall for it, every time!”  He has a point.boriscage2Asim Querishi of Cage accused Jon Snow of Channel  4 News of asking him to condemn terrorism only because he as a Muslim. Continue reading

UKIP councillor says banning “coloureds, gays and women” is “libertarian”

Earlier this year, UKIP councillor Donna Edmunds responded to the comments of Henley-on-Thames UKIP councillor David Silvester, who said the government’s support for gay marriage had caused the recent floods.     Donna said businesses should be able to refuse services to women and gay people, in comments posted on an internet forum.donnaedmundsLabour tweeter @jon_swindon pertinently posted the above tweet in protest.

The BBC reported:  “Ms Edmunds defended her comments as “an essentially libertarian stance.  However, she later issued a statement saying she regretted the remarks.  On the forum, Ms Edmunds said she did not agree with Mr Silvester, who has been expelled by UKIP, but said business owners should be allowed to refuse services to anyone they wanted for any reason. Continue reading

Why UKIP members are dropping like flies as local councillors

If you were looking for material for Comedy Central, you could do no better than to examine the records of some of the UKIP members who are standing as local councillors, were the matter not so serious. These problems have all occurred in the short space of a year.

UKIP's Matthew Smith on a fraud charge

UKIP’s Matthew Smith on a fraud charge

Let’s start with the UKIP councillor for Henley-on-Thames. David Sylvester warned PM David Cameron that if gay marriage were legalised, disaster would befall the UK.  Reiterating his views on BBC Radio Oxford, he added: “God wants all gay men to repent and be healed.” Continue reading

Labour are flooding twitter with mindless Orcs, on yet another smear campaign

Out of ideas Labour are desperately panicking as the recovery gets stronger and London shines as the greatest city in the world.  So they do what lefties do.  Launch another smear campaign!  Blatant fibbing and bizarre insults, anything to conceal they haven’t a clue what to do next.OrcsNegative campaigning works right? Well actually no, ask Ken Livingstone.  But  Labour never learn.  These are some of the tired old lies making the rounds.

Lie No.1)  Boris believes Greed is Good.  Truth:  No he doesn’t, read his speech and you will find he says the opposite of that. Continue reading