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Kippers complain about bias and unfairness from Ch.4, now they know how Muslims feel

The Channel 4 TV spoof programme on life under UKIP succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. Kippers are going ballistic. A UKIP government, said Channel 4 would see the country plunged into chaos, with race riots on the street and thuggish yobs threatening everyone who might be unemployed  and MuslimukipprogWe welcome immigrants who contribute to the UK with open arms, bellowed Kippers on the progamme.  But if you are an illegal, heaven help you! Tough, anti-immigration squads were reported to be attacking the same ethnic restaurant owners night after night.  Neil Hamilton was Deputy PM for goodness sakes.  A whole 700 people have complained to Ofcom, and according to the biased Daily Express, they are screaming bias, Kippers are being victimised, how unfair is this? Continue reading