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Jump in popularity for President Trump after Piers Morgan interview

The warmth and sincerity shown by President Donald Trump in his interview with Piers Morgan has caused his popularity in Britain to rise.  Since the interview, the President has accounted for 51% of bets at 5/2 to win the 2020 US election and serve a second term in the White Hous, says Oddschecker.  

Covering a range of topics in his first international interview, the President emphasised his love for the British people, telling the GMB host that “the real me is somebody that loves Britain, loves the UK. I love Scotland.”  Continue reading

Prez Trump shows a special screening of Churchill movie Darkest Hour for Congress

President Trump was so impressed with the Churchill movie, Darkest Hour, he has held a special screening for Congress at the White House.  A barnstorming performance by Gary Oldman as Churchill has already garnered three awards for the actor and now he is up for Best Actor at the Oscars.

Oldman plays the epic Prime Minister as a forceful,  humorous, idiosyncratic, sometimes conflicted  character.  The interpretation is both powerful and deeply touching.   Continue reading

Obama snubbed – he will not attend Royal Wedding

Ex President and Michelle Obama will not, according to Sky News this morning, be invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.   Sky gave the wrong reason, they said this is because it would cause offence to President Trump.

Remainer supporting Sky, of course,  ignores what is probably the real reason.  Obama is now loathed by thousands because he interfered in our democratic process, insulted Britain, and tried to bully us to stay in the hated EU.  Continue reading

Beautiful and inspiring Boris speech electrifies the Conference

Boris Johnson’s brilliant, inspirational and moving speech was without doubt the highlight of a horribly lacklustre conference. A standing ovation and again he is the darling of the grass roots.    Boris began: 

As our hearts go out to Las Vegas today we are reminded once again of the attack that took place here only a few months ago, on innocent and music-loving young people. And if there is a message to our American friends it is this: that they will come through it and they will come back from it stronger.  Continue reading

He’s had enough – Boris hosts hard Brexit lobby group

Boris Johnson fought too hard to win Brexit to let it slip now.  The Rudd/Hammond stitchup to have a 2024 transition period was a step too far, and Remoaner mandarin Jeremy Heywood who tried to freeze Boris out of Brexit discussions needs to wind his neck in.  David Davis knew about the stitchup but did nothing.  This says everything we need to know about which side he is on.

In a last minute intervention, Boris hurled himself into the breach and wrestled the transition period down to 2 years. Continue reading

Loyal Prez steadfast in standing by Britain

Donald Trump Ambassador Woody Johnson : ‘We Stand with UK Through Brexit, You’re Always at the Front of the Line’

We are so fortunate.  Never ever has President Trump been anything but unflinching loyal and generous to this country.

From the moment that this President took office and generously said whether we stayed or left the EU was our decision, no-0ne elses,  I knew he would be one of the all time greats.  This is my idea of Presidential behaviour.   Continue reading

Party leaders ask for no campaigning out of respect for dead, but cruel Labour carry on

After a fun filled evening in Manchester bopping to the songs of Ariana Grande, tragedy struck with a vengeance, as a bomb went off at the end of the concert.  The death toll is 22 and there are 59 injured.  Some mothers are still desperately awaiting news of the fate of their beloved children.

The man responsible died at the scene of the attack and it is not known whether he was a “lone wolf” or acted with others.  This is the first major terror attack in the UK since 7/7, a mark of the ability of our security services.  Continue reading