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New US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo won’t take any nonsense from the Russians

Mike Pompeo, America’s new top diplomat is a rock solid Trump man.  Ex Director of the CIA, he is will have the President’s back, and there is a natural understanding betwen the two. He admires the President’s ability to do things his own way. 

During his confirmation hearing, Pompeo stated that Russia “has reasserted itself aggressively, invading and occupying Ukraine, threatening Europe, and doing nearly nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of ISIS”.  Continue reading

Loyal Prez steadfast in standing by Britain

Donald Trump Ambassador Woody Johnson : ‘We Stand with UK Through Brexit, You’re Always at the Front of the Line’

We are so fortunate.  Never ever has President Trump been anything but unflinching loyal and generous to this country.

From the moment that this President took office and generously said whether we stayed or left the EU was our decision, no-0ne elses,  I knew he would be one of the all time greats.  This is my idea of Presidential behaviour.   Continue reading

Fake hysteria in US blames “racist” Trump when the EU is far worse!

It can only be described as fake hysteria!  On twitter, many tweeters are screaming all sorts of abuse at their new “racist” Prez!  A closer examination of the facts proves that it is the EU members, whose leader, Merkel was adored by President Obama,  who are the real bigots.refugeecrisis5In Hungary, President Orban calls Muslims “a poison that Hungarians won’t swallow”.  He declares he will build a massive fence to keep out intruders  Far from being called a racist and a vile xenophobe, he is greeted rapturously by Germany’s Merkel, who considers him a valued colleague. Continue reading

EU reeling from a series of hammer blows from POTUS

Rumour has it, according to the Express that an unnamed EU chief let the cat out of the bag.  We are in a terrible situation, he snivelled!  A combination of disastrous events means that financially, things aren’t looking too rosy for Merkel and her gang.trumpnewdawnA series of financial blows has stunned the hitherto arrogant, all powerful EU chiefs, used to bullying and humiliating members of the European Union. buoyed up by the unwavering support of President Obama, Merkel is used to calling the shots.  Now that support has been yanked away. Continue reading

Boris Johnson is unafraid to challenge the US Prez if he believes he is wrong

Forget the fuming lefties, bitter Remainers and uncomprehending US journos.  Boris is loved by the British people.   He gave up a plum job in Cameron’s government to take the gamble of his life.  He fought for the rights of ordinary people in the EU Referendum and against seemingly insuperable obstacles,  he won. boriskindThe education Boris has had given him with a deep respect for the rights of ordinary people.   Cameron failed to achieve EU reform, our sovereignty was lost, the people could not vote out our EU lawmakers, so that,  for Boris, was the deal breaker. Continue reading

Cam calls other countries “fantastically corrupt” while trying to rig the EU Referendum

Psychologically, the Remain campaign has been a shambles.  The  interference of President Obama was deeply resented and the only result was an increase for Leave. Instead of learning from this, the PM continues leant on anyone he can find to force us to vote Remain.Britain's Queen Elizabeth speaks to Prime Minister David Cameron during a reception in Buckingham Palace in LondonInstead of changing strategy, clumsy Cam ramps up the pressure by asking Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to force their views down our throats.  Nothing is more likely to put peoples’s backs up. Continue reading

President Obama seems to be rewriting history

President Obama, like Paddy Ashdown on BBC Question Time, seems to be rather wide of the mark in his recollection of WW2 history. The US intervention in the war was not motivated by concern for Britain’s welfare, as Churchill found out to his cost.

President Roosevelt

President Roosevelt

As Britain bore the burden of fighting for the freedom of Europe, in spite of Churchill’s passionate pleas, President Roosevelt steadily refused to get involved.  It is only when American asses were in danger that Roosevelt developed a conscience.  The Japanese, I seem to recall, bombed Pearl Harbour. Continue reading