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VIDEO. Raheem Kassam flattens SKY over Trump sh…hole comment

In an outstanding interview, Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam pulled off the interview of the decade as he demolished the hypocrisy of SKY and defended the remark of President Trump over the bad state of certain countries.

The record of Sadiq Khan was annihilated by Mr. Kassam, particularly his appalling record on crime. Rapes have soared and youth crime is up  by an appalling 70%. Continue reading

Blazing Boris calls Sadiq Khan “spineless” over Crossrail 2 and attitude to terrorism

Boris Johnson went for “spineless” Sadiq Khan in the Standard today, with all guns blazing. Boris beat a 19 point swing to Labour to take the Mayoralty, so he knows what he is talking about and under Sadiq, London, once number one city in the world, is going to the dogs.

The stinging criticism of the previous Mayor must have cut liked a whiplash, but what does Sadiq expect?  Nearly every pledge broken!  Housing, fares, and his promise to black cab drivers broken that if one Uber driver was found with no papers, he would pull their entire licence!  All just empty words!  A thousand broken regs. from Uber,  and nothing’s changed. Continue reading

Under Sadiq Khan, London is going to the dogs

Eleven victims died from knife crime in 16 days, reported the London Standard on 11th May 2017.  There has been a shift revealed by statistics which shows that only a quarter of knife carriers are now linked to gangs. This compares to 10 deaths a year from 2008/9 and 2010/11 under Boris Johnson.

Our brilliant police believe more young people are now carrying knives for differing reasons, including status, criminality and increasingly for self-protection. Continue reading

The Madness of King George

Osbo has accepted the job of Editor of the London Standard, but his editor role has not been approved by the advisory committee on business appointments (Acoba).  So  indignant are his constituents and others,  a petition on site 38 degrees gathered momentum over Saturday with over 100,000 signatures.The organisers of the petition wrote on the page: ‘It’s not appropriate for someone to be a member of the government and also control a huge amount of the media.” Continue reading

Osborne credibility shot to hell after what he is doing to the black cab trade

When Osbo today started talking about “caring about the future of our children” and supporting small businesses,  he will understand why the public reaction was cynical laughter. .  Osbo has such  a love of multinationals and is so enamoured of his buddy, Uber boss Travis Kalanick, he is deliberately trying to kill the black cab trade.osbobudgetHis unscrupulous strategy is to flood London with hundred and hundreds minicabs, thereby causing such awful pollution, hundreds of thousands of children get chest illnesses from  the filthy air. He is also letting the cabs off safety regulations The aim is to force black cabs off the road. Continue reading

Uber hits the panic button, their top lobbyist is already leaving

How are the mighty fallen!  No longer is the word of sleazy Uber lobbyists spouting Uberlies that Boris Johnson is protectionist and regs. are a ploy to restrict Uber,  the company of the future, taken as gospel.  This loopy spiel is now seen for what it is.  Bullshit.

Dodgy Mark MacGann is already on his way out

Dodgy Mark MacGann is already on his way out

The damage to our city from Uber drivers, pollution, congestion, the accidents caused by terrible driving and the assaults on female passengers, are now seen as “genuine and valid concerns” says Steve McNamara of the LTDA in TAXI magazine. What the deuce is George Osborne, the UK’s number one Uber fanboy, thinking? Continue reading

Pollution kills. We need the cycling superhighways

The number of people who die per annum from pollution is 9,500. Also, 328,ooo kids suffer from pollution that is now higher than that allowed by the EU.  Boris Johnson cannot allow this to continue.  Now, through a late judicial review, the LTDA is trying to stop the Embankment cycling superhighway.boriskidsThe Standard reported: “The LTDA has now lodged an application for a judicial review on the grounds that TfL should have sought planning permission before beginning construction, as opposed to the highway being allowed to fall under permitted development rules”. This application failed, but they are appealing. Continue reading