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Boris is fighting Brexit from within the Cabinet, to protect his party

When Boris was Mayor of London, the battles for the rights of Londoners, the black cab trade,  police numbers,  funding and economic decisions,  were always full bloodedly thrashed out in private,  away from the media.

So discreet was Boris, at one stage, he was getting it from both sides. Black cab drivers were abusing him on the roads as he rode his bike, while Osbo and Cameron were ganging up to force him to favour Uber, and push black cabs off the road. An immovable Boris wouldn’t shift.  He didn’t think it was right, so in the end, Osbo took the issue of Uber away from Boris and handled it himself. Continue reading

Is May up for a fight to the finish over Brexit?

An article in the Times today by Iain Martin nails what we have all been thinking. When is Prime Minister May going to show she’s up for the fight? Show some urgency?  How long does she expect to get away with remarks like “Brexit means Brexit”, “We will get the best possible deal for Britain” and other statements of the bleeding obvious, repeated ad infinitum?mayhammond3As Home Secretary, it worked from her own point of view, for May to sit on the fence.  Her speciality was dragging issues out for so long, everybody forgot about them.  Look at the child abuse inquiry.  So many unsuitable judges have been appointed,  the inquiry has never got going, and it was first started three years ago. Continue reading

Our Foreign Secretary’s Christmas message for 2016

Boris Johnson’s Christmas message this year is hopeful, but also realistic.  We cannot ignore the suffering of Aleppo  and Yemen, said our Foreign Secretary. ( I personally think we also mustn’t forget the attacks on women all over Europe.)

But there are many hopeful and joyous signs for 2017. Boris encourages us to count our blessings and have hope for the future, a positive but also realistic message. Our brilliant police force and counter terrorism officers are the best in the world, just one reason to be cheerful. Continue reading

Theresa May’s shameful record of failure

“Judge me on my record” said Theresa May.  I doubt very much if Theresa May, the so-called “grownup”,  potential “mother figure” of the Tories, really wants us to do that.    Let’s have a quick look at that so called brilliant record.maytrust1. Introduced the Data Retention Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) – which sought to curtail internet freedom – without prior public consultation with groups outside Parliament. This Act was firmly opposed by The Freedom Association, was eventually ruled to be illegal in the High Court and earned David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP consecutive parliamentarian of the week awards (the first time and only time that has ever happened in the history of the award) for their opposition to it. Continue reading

Public indignation that swings wildly around, now targets the police

In the Daily Telegraph today Boris Johnson discusses the power of public indignation, which right now is targeting the police.  Boris begins:thebigshort“I think it probably began with the bankers, and the financial crash of 2007-08. I was watching The Big Short, the excellent new film about the disaster, and was reminded of how badly some of them behaved. They pushed out loans to people who could not afford them. They even rolled up these dud loans into “Collateralised Debt Obligations” (CDO) – and sold them on, like people deliberately selling contaminated meat pies. Continue reading

If you see anyone using kids to beg, for the sake of the kids, call the police

It would be wrong to put a name to the families who use their own children to beg.  I don’t know where they come from  The gypsies in the picture are probably devoted to their families. I wouldn’t blame Roma gypsies without cast iron proof.romasI can only speak from my own experience.  In Camden Town, groups of shabbily dressed adults sometimes push their kids towards strangers to beg for cash.  They did it to me.  The awful look of shame on the face of the little boy who stammered a request for cash with a foreign accent, will live with me to my dying day. I dragged the child to MacDonalds and bought him a burger and a milk shake.  I didn’t get one for his mother.  I then called the police. Continue reading

The hard left do not want fracking because they don’t want the economy to recover

Energy charges are sky high and set to rise again.  Deaths from hypothermia have doubled over five years. Many pensioners are choosing between eating or heating. But over a thousand hard line activists and Greens imposed mob rule at a Cuadrilla fracking operation at Balcombe  causing drilling to be scaled down for safety reasons. The demo has cost the cash strapped police £750,000 so far and provoked an outcry from objectors in the divided village, who said the police capitulation was undemocratic.frackingprotest

The Daily Mail reported:  “The move provoked outrage from business, industry groups and MPs who said that – regardless of the fracking debate – the police decision set a dangerous precedent for other lawful activities. One industry executive said the move should ‘concern all those who believe in the democratic process and the rule of law’.”

Calls for the benefits of fracking on the economy, as proven by the success of fracking in the US to be made known to these activists, are, I believe, a waste of time.  The hard left do not want the economy to recover.  Their entire political strategy is based on the economy not recovering.  That is why they will move heaven and earth to derail the fracking operations.