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“Intellectually brilliant” Boris Johnson joins new “supertight” Brexit team

When Boris Johnson first became Foreign Secretary, the media jumped on him, trying to make the most of anything they saw as a “gaffe”.  That has now ended. Boris is a workaholic and a lightning quick study. He has been described as the most learned, gifted Foreign Secretary since Lord Curzon by journalist Peter Oborne. Continue reading

Rumpled Boris Johnson sees off Peston

Boris supporters, after all the stress and upset he went through when he risked his entire career fighting for our rights and freedoms during Brexit, are so happy he is having a relaxing weekend at beautiful Chevening.  Nobody deserves it more.
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Support for PM May’s Brexit strategy, created by Boris Johnson, has soared

There has been a sharp rise in support for PM May’s Brexit strategy.. The strategy was  formulated by Boris Johnson  and chosen in preference to the strategy of Philip Hammond.borismay4Politico Brexit reported today that support for Boris’s Brexit strategy is now at 53%, up sharply from 38% last month in a poll of 2,000 people.  Another 47 % said they believed May would get the right deal for the U.K., whereas 29% said she would fail. In January, respondents were evenly split, with 35% agreeing and 35 % disagreeing that she would make a success of Brexit. Continue reading

Body blow for Hammond as PM picks Bojo strategy for EU

For six months the battle has raged between the Boris Johnson strategy in dealing with the EU and Philip Hammond’s softer Remainian approach.  Boris’s brilliant plan has covered every ambiguity and has a fall back position, should things not go as planned.  So well calculated  is the strategy though, that it is impossible to find a flaw.boriseusummit2Superbrain Boris has covered all eventualities and Brexiteers were ecstatic at the positive and gracious tone of the speech, that cloaked an iron structure.  The Sun reported:  “His allies hailed key decisions to leave the single market, pull out of two thirds of the customs union and end “vast” EU budget payments as the arguments Boris has been making since the EU referendum campaign. Continue reading

Free movement means Europe ripped apart by sex attacks and violence

When outspoken Boris Johnson told the British people before the referendum that leaving the EU would be made very difficult for us, he was, as usual, being honest.  Boris, as always, explains all sides of any problem.

A German rape victim

A German rape victim

Leaving the EU will be difficult, not least because, knowing how vital is confidence,  selfish Remoaners will, as Philip Hammond is doing right now, talk down the economy. They will claim every problem we have is down to Brexit. Continue reading

Funereal Phil talking down the economy is a wrecking ball for Brexit

Why is May letting Philip Hammond ruin Brexit,  but no-one is putting the economic case for Leave? Andrew Neil on This Week, made it clear the financial case for staying in the EU is not strong.mayhammondThe economy of Italy, said Neil, has not expanded since 1999.  He also made the point that the EU is the slowest growing continent in the world, apart from Antarctica. Continue reading

What is behind the constant attacks on Boris Johnson from No. 10?

Interestingly, 95% of twitter is on Boris Johnson’s side over his remarks on Saudi Arabia.  Boris spoke out in Rome last week and it is hard not to believe that Theresa May picked her time, when she publicly tried to torpedo Boris yesterday, a day before he left for Saudi Arabia on an important visit.  borisdroll11If she didn’t wish to upset the Saudis, surely it would have been better to sort things out in private?

Many of May’s attacks on Boris have been unprovoked, unpleasant personal insults, with Philip Hammond. One of May’s pleasantries was to compare Boris to a dog that might be put down. Continue reading