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How Boris forced May to deal with Putin when she wanted to run and hide

When Boris Johnson raised the issue of the Skripal poisoning in Cabinet, and said the only response was to hang tough with Putin, May screamed at him in front of Cabinet members and ordered him to be silent.  May has an ostrich mentality.  If she can possibly avoid dealing with tough issues, she will.  Her speciality is to  kick them into the long grass.  

It is only because other Cabinet members backed Boris to the hilt that she was made to listen at all!  Gavin Williamson and even Philip Hammond, forced May to face the truth.  Continue reading

Things so tough at Chequers re. Brexit last week, Boris nearly quit

At one stage it looked so bad for Brexit last week, rep0rts The Sun, Boris Johnson thought the only thing he could do was make a principled stand and quit!  A row with Greg Clark, who  warned that there were hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk if Britain diverged too much from EU rules in the automotive sector, was a sticking point for Boris.

He argues Britain must have the freedom to go it alone and break free, being more innovative and striking new trade deals after we’re officially out.  But it was tough.  Things got so bad at one stage, Boris nearly walked.   Continue reading

Quit customs union or face the cavalry, Brexiteers tell May

Theresa May has been forced to issue a statement that we will leaving the customs union, no doubt to the fury of Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and the civil service.   Sitting on the fence for May is no longer an option.  The PM can no longer get away with statements like “I have an open mind on the customs union” 

The Sun reports:  Theresa May was last night forced to rule out any form of customs union with the EU after Tory Brexiteers threatened a mass walk-out. Continue reading

Jacob Rees-Mogg brandishes a political hand grenade in the House with his finger on the button

Jacob Rees Mogg bravely and rightly brandished a political hand grenade in Parliament, keeping his finger on the button.    He has heard that officials in the office of Philip Hammond could be working to ensure we stay in the customs unions.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Will my honourable friend, the minister and member for Wycombe, confirm that he heard from Charles Grant from the Centre of European Research that officials in the Treasury had deliberately developed a model to show that all options other than staying in the customs union were bad and that officials intended to use those to influence policy?”  Continue reading

Boris clobbered Hammond for imposing 5 YEAR transition: via City AM

Boris Johnson may have been savaged by the Cabinet recently, but the press are behind him.  He has had outstanding praise for his bravery in speaking out about the NHS and now City AM joins the chorus of praise for his “lonely bid” to battle for Brexit. 

City AM says:   Whether or not he was right to float publicly the idea of sharing the financial benefits of Brexit with the hallowed but failing NHS is not worthy of consideration here. I could wax lyrical about how we might improve the NHS – suffice to say money is not the key.  Continue reading

David “Fido” Davis gagged from delivering sellout speech to Brexiteers.

It appears a massive sellout is on the cards, as arrogant Philip Hammond told the CBI “Things will hardly change and we are keeping free movement.”  There was outrage from Brexiteers, but traitor Hammond has only rowed back by saying we will be leaving the single market and customs union. He did’t comment on free movement.

Now the Sun reports quisling David Davis, who has been a huge disappointment, was about to deliver a speech to Brexiteers saying “It’s going to be sh….t but you have to suck it up!”  After a mild reproof to Hammond, panicky May urged Davis to wind his neck in and water down the speech.

As most commentators have already pointed out, Boris Johnson was repeatedly knifed by May, Hammond and the Remainer cabinet for telling the truth abut the NHS,  and Hammond escapes  with a feeble reprimand.   Spreadsheet Phil should be sacked. Continue reading

Boris right on the NHS – forget the politics Mrs. May

The NHS has been in dire straits for years, and everyone knows that.  More money is needed, and I can tell from my own surgery,  doctors and nurses are buckling under the strain.  This is the harsh  truth, but yesterday Philip Hammond was still insisting it was all fine and no action would be taken until after Brexit.  That could be years. 

Boris has continually spoken up about this,  he raised the issue during the EU Referendum with the suggestion on the battle bus and recently he spoke out again.  He warned May that unless she acts now, demonstrating commitment to supporting the NHS, Labour will win the next GE.   It’s that serious.  Corbyn has made the NHS the spearhead of his campaign.   Continue reading