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Red Ken backs radical Islam. Does his pal Sadiq Khan?

When he was Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone alienated many allies by inviting homophobic, Holocaust denying misogynist Sheikh Al Qaradawi to City Hall.  The Sheikh, who believes rape is OK!, female genital mutilation is acceptable, and giving any woman a smack in the mouth is necessary to put her in her place, has been endorsed by Ken as “progressive”.  The Sheikh has been known to use  slogans, such as “Destroy the usurper Jews!” Continue reading

Brilliant resolution of the Pride dilemma

Boris Johnson was not at all happy that Peter Tatchell and the organisers of  Pride decided to ban the LGBT UKIP from the march. Boris said bluntly “I do not at all agree with this policy”.gaypride3 “I passionately believe in the Pride march and the values of equality it represents and think that all should be allowed to participate. “I hope this is sorted out as soon as possible.”

Feeling was split between the hardliners (Boris should withdraw his funding) and more tender hearted gay supporters who felt gay people have suffered so much over the centuries, they should be allowed to make their own decisions. (People like me.)

Turns out we were both wrong. Continue reading

Hell freezes over as desperate Ken Livingstone furiously backpeddles

Ken Livingstone’s retraction of his crass remark about rich Jews never voting Labour  in the Jewish Chronicle does nothing to convince anyone that he is sincere.  The trickle of Labour members who have said they cannot vote Ken has become a torrent.

Ken has  been trampling over the feelings of the Jewish community since 3rd July 2004, when he invited Sheikh Yusuf Al Qararadawi to City Hall.  In spite of Ken’s denials, the Sheikh is a fascist and an extremist, as explained by Peter Tatchell in his article in 2004.  Tatchell had a furious disagreement with Livingstone at the time over Ken’s open invitation to the Sheikh,  which resulted in Ken calling him “an Islamaphobe”. Continue reading

Peter Tatchell was right about Red Ken in 2004

Like many people,  I admire Peter Tatchell.  So it is not easy for me to say that I do not agree with everything Peter said about Ken Livingstone last week.

In July 2004, Peter Tatchell wrote this about Ken on his blog:  ““Ken Livingstone has sided with male Muslim misogynists and homophobes against women and gay Londoners,”

He was commenting on the Mayor of London’s decision to host controversial Muslim scholar, Dr Al-Qaradawi, and to invite him to a further conference at City Hall in October. Continue reading

Great new movie in pre-production: Red Ken’s Henchmen

The double sided DVD, Hitler’s Henchman, was such a success a new movie is in pre-production.  Red Ken’s Henchman!  Hollywood beauties, are fighting for the part of Suzanne Lejeune, the French, historically misunderstood collaborator.  Suzanne slept with half the Nazi Party, and gave them the names of  French Resistance.  What a sweetie!  She wasn’t carrying out the work of Hitler!  She was reaching out to the Nazis. Opening scene:  Women, liberal Muslims, and the Jewish and gay communities are filmed crying like the North Koreans at death of Kim Jong-il, at the mere suggestion that Ken Livingstone might return to City Hall.

Scenes 2- 10:  (flashback to 2008).  Gay activist and freedom fighter Peter Tatchell remonstrates with the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone for inviting homophobic, Holocaust denying misogynist Sheikh Al Qaradawi to City Hall as a guest as part of the reaching out process.  The Sheikh, who believes rape is OK!, female genital mutilation is a fashion statement, and giving any woman a smack in the mouth is necessary to put her in her place, is endorsed by charitable Ken as “progressive”.  The fun Sheikh likes slogans, such as  “Destroy the usurper Jews!”  As part of the reaching out process, wouldn’t you think that Ken would drop a hint to the press and voters that he thinks the Sheikh is, well a little extreme?  Not a word.  Crikey!  Through his silence, innocent Ken is giving the inadvertent impression he agrees with the Sheikh’s beliefs!  So mean that people don’t give him the benefit of the doubt! Continue reading

The extremist views of Ken Livingstone

Years ago, I voted for Ken Livingstone, because I admired his independence.  When he lost to Boris Johnson, I felt genuine sympathy for his clear distress at losing his job, but, tied up in a demanding career,  I did not know as much about him as I do now.  When Ken loses to Boris a second time,  I will not feel an shred of sympathy, because he has so alienated and angered me with his extremist views.  Not only do I believe that Ken as Mayor would tear London apart, I believe he is not fit to be a Mayoral candidate and should not have been allowed to stand.

Ken’s campaign got off to a shaky start.  Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian said Ken wasn’t much cop and maybe Labour should think about getting somebody else.  That must look pretty prophetic from where Ed Miliband is sitting today.

KEN AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY: The writing was on the wall. The Oliver Finegold controversy in 2006, saw Ken compare a Jewish reporter to a German war criminal and a concentration camp guard. A transcript of the conversation is here.  The incident was investigated, and the London Assembly voted overwhelmingly that he should apologise. Ken insultingly refused. On 24 February 2006, Ken Livingstone was found guilty of bringing his office into disrepute and suspended from office for four weeks, the verdict being that he seemed “to have failed… to have appreciated that his conduct was unacceptable”. Continue reading

Boris supports gay marriage

Our Mayor took part in the Gay Pride Parade today, and took the opportunity to come out in support of gay marriage, when posed the question by Peter Tatchell.   Kicking off the parade with members of the Gay Liberation Front, Mr Johnson said: “If the Conservatives and Liberals can get together in a national coalition and settle their differences, I don’t see why you can’t have gay marriage”.  The knowledge that this is the right thing has come to our Mayor gradually, over the passage of time.

Our Mayor marches with Gay Pride

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell approached Boris with a placard calling for the legalisation of gay marriages.  In my view, it is outrageous and positively archaic that in this modern society, any two people who love each other are prevented by the state  from getting married to validate that love.  So many hetero couples marry for reasons other than love though – gay people should have the right to get married if they want to, whatever their motives, full stop. Continue reading