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Our Foreign Office is working with UN for human rights in Burma

Statement by Baroness Goldie on violations against Rohingya, made in Parliament in July 2017, and reported in Hansard. 

The British Government played an instrumental role in securing the UN Human Rights Council Resolution in March 2017 which established the Fact Finding Mission to assess alleged human rights violations in Rakhine. We will now work to ensure the Mission has a robust mandate and strong composition and will be urging the Burmese authorities to cooperate fully with it.  Continue reading

The UK is sending £100M aid and monitoring Myanmar daily

In spite of the accusations on twitter of non-action in Myanmar, the UK is hugely concerned about the suffering of the Rohingya in Myanmar.  An in depth debate on the situation was held in Parliament and the Hansard report is here

The UK budget for 2017/18 for Burma as detailed on the link is £95, 023, 747.

Nearly 125,000 Rohingya people have now fled Burma, also known as Myanmar, to seek safety in Bangladesh, often walking for more than a week, and the exodus shows no sign of abating. Continue reading

A historian’s view of North Korean problem is surprisingly upbeat

Historian Dr. Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East,  made a surprisingly optimistic prediction regarding the very serious situation in North Korea.

Speaking in Parliament, during the debate on the Korean Peninsula, Dr. Lewis said:  Continue reading

The Beijing connection! Boris’s plan to solve the N. Korean crisis

In Parliament yesterday, Boris emphasised how strongly the entire UN, as well as the US, want a peaceful diplomatic solution to the current crisis with N. Korea. He made short shrift of the Trump bashing from the likes of Labour’s Emily Thornberry and Green Caroline Lucas, and categorically rejected attempts to criticise the US approach.  The Boris strategy to solve the crisis is to deepen the bond with Beijing. 

Remainers want to see us helpless in the clutches of the EU.  President Trump’s outstanding victory in the Presidential elections and his stalwart support for the will of the British people was met with fury by everyone who wants to foil Brexit. Continue reading

Classic Boris in Parliament! Boris slaughters Corbo’s visit to Glasto

Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at Glastonbury in time of national crisis seems to have majorly backfired.    Last night, Boris Johnson pitilessly revealed the idiocy of  Corbo at such a time getting down with kids to howls of laughter from both benches. Corbo wants to scrap Trident.  

Jeremy Corbyn claimed to be speaking to the dispossessed.  Are you kidding me?  Tickets for “Glarstonbury” are £238 a pop!  The likes of Kate Moss, pop stars, supermodels, champagne socialists and a chubby Ed Balls pay a fortune for special accomodation.   Continue reading

Parliament has spoken but Anna Soubry is still not happy

Anna Soubry has spent all week asking for Parliament to be sovereign.  Parliament should always have the final decision, argues Anna, not the people.  So has Gina Miller and Gina has gone to considerable effort and expense to ensure this is so. Her logic is shaky to say the least.  Anna says sure, the people voted to leave.  She accepts that and supports it.  But that’s over now!  (?)  If the PM gets a good deal, great, but if not, Parliament must then have a meaningful vote and take over. It was left to Tory MP Mark Harper to explain to Anna that voters had voted to leave the EU, good deal or bad.    They want rid of EU interference and intend to leave whatever the deal the PM gets.  Continue reading

Foreign Secretary Boris answers questions in Parliament on foreign policy

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson answered questions in Parliament today with his customary brio, on vital matters of foreign policy.borisfo15President Elect Trump:  Boris Johnson said We look forward to an enduring and strong special relationship, with security and prosperity in the years ahead.  The relationship between the UK and the US is perhaps the single most important geopolitical fact of the last century  and I look forward to working with the new administration.  After negative comments about the US,  Boris said It is very important that we be as positive as we possibly can, because it is massively important to this country.  We should judge the US by their actions. Continue reading