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Attitude comes from leadership, anti semitic Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has held a meeting with Jewish leaders, and as usual, he lived down to expectations.  Anti semitism has a terminal grip on the Labour party, because attitude comes from leadership.

Corbyn walked out from the Commons debate on anti semitism when Luciana Berger was describing the years of abuse she has received from Momentum and Labour supporters as a British Jew.  Yesterday,   Jewish leaders labelled the meeting with Corbyn as a “disappointing, missed opportunity.”  The requests from Jonathan Arkush and  Jonathan Goldstein were described throughout the media as entirely reasonable.  Continue reading

Piers Morgan on GMB makes excuses for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn can no longer be regarded as an honourable politician.  He has repeatedly been asked to clear up the antisemitism in his party.  He has admitted the problem is out of control.  But after three weeks, still nothing has been done. Continue reading

YAY! Tories take poll lead over Jezza and Labour……

Surely this is the final nail  in the coffin of intellectually challenged Jeremy Corbyn? YouGov reports that the Tories now have a narrow lead over Labour. Jezza seem to have a lot of time on his hand lately, spending time at teenage gigs and appearing on lightweight TV shows.  But the strategy of getting down with the kids is one that seems to have been his undoing.

While heavyweights like Boris Johnson are making brilliant speeches from the Foreign Office, (Boris recently met the President of Iran, only the third Foreign Secretary to visit Iran since 2003 )  the Labour leader is appearing on shows like Gogglebox. Continue reading

Corbyn is a worse traitor than Kim Philby

There is fury throughout London at the latest terror attack, and huge admiration for the lightning and heroic response from the Met.  Boris Johnson does not  believe that Jeremy Corbyn is capable of defending us from terror. So let’s look at Corbyn’s record.Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has refused to back terror measures or measures against radicalisation 56 times.  He calls Hezbollah his friends. He wanted the IRA to win. Continue reading