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Netanyahu and Prez Trump keen to form a Coalition with the UK

Steve Hilton, ex guru of the Cameron government, who left, disillusioned,  to go to the States, was on Fox News today, beaming and bursting with enthusiasm. Once more, we are seeing the old, hopeful  Steve, excited and energised by  recent events.donaldbibi

It was clear from the body language in the interview they gave on Fox that “Bibi” Netanyahu and Prez Donald Trump  have a genuine rapport.  They kidded each other and talked about deal making.  President Trump is keen to solve the Israel/Palestine  impasse and he should only be applauded for the scale of his ambition. Continue reading

How the First Crusaders were taught a lesson in chivalry by Muslim Saladin

Many people still believe that Jerusalem was first a Christian not a Muslim city:”Muslims were the aggressors, taking it from Christians”.  The truth is Jerusalem was established as a Canaanite city circa 4000-3100 BC, 4,000 years before Christ.  In the 10thC BC, King David made it the capital and the Holy City of the Jews. Soloman lived there and built his Temple. During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.saladinThis timeline of Jerusalem shows how often the city was taken over.

Tweeters were making the ludicrous claim on twitter today that “Jerusalem has always been an Christian city and the Muslims were the aggressors!  They stole the city from the Christians. ” Continue reading

Queers for Palestine back Hamas, who want to kill them

One of the strangest stories of the week was the report that a small group of gay men and women have formed Queers for Palestine in support of the suffering Palestinians.queerprideThe blog “This Week in Stupid” said:  “You might imagine that gay Westerners, with an uncensored press and ready access to information about the torture and execution of homosexuals under administrations like Hamas’s, would be reluctant to support barbaric medieval homophobia. Surely they would feel a natural affinity to the permissive democracy in this conflict — not to mention how deliciously dreamy Israeli men are? Continue reading