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Not a good start! Remain revival caught out bare faced lying

David Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nicky ruddy Morgan have been parachuted in to “save us” from Brexit.  Wowzer.  Sadly, the revival started with a bare faced lie. During the Referendum, both David and Cleggers admitted Brexit means leaving the single market,  but today Cleggie was caught out in a barefaced lie.

Nick Clegg

In an interview with Adam Boulton on Sky, Cleggie insisted no-one in the Leave Campaign had ever said Brexit involved leaving the single market!  Like a fool, he didn’t check,  and there is abundant material to prove he is the little liar he always was.   Continue reading

Ex PM Cam should honour his Brexit promises says Peter Oborne

As Peter Oborne reminds us  in his outstanding article in today’s Mail on Saturday, David Cameron made categorical commitments to the British people during the EU Referendum that should be now honoured. 

Brexiteers are fighting a valiant rear guard action to defend what the country voted for.  Peter Oborne says:

“In such circumstances, I believe Mr Cameron should now state publicly that the commitments he made to the British people during the referendum campaign must be honoured. Continue reading

Nick Clegg to be knighted – he’s the Prince of Pisstoleers

Nausea overwhelmed twitter at the news that Nick Clegg   – yes, Nick Clegg, is to be knighted in the New Years Honours list.  Lord Fibbington Muchley, the poster boy for perfidy.

Nick Clegg

Nick is to be knighted for his services to the Coalition, ie. consistently using his veto to block every single decent idea the Tories had.  His most damaging intervention was to  block all terror measures and plans to fight radicalisation on the grounds of human rights in spite of valiant efforts by David Cameron over an entire weekend to change his mind.  This is how one of Nick Clegg’s Coalition partners described him, in May  2014.   Continue reading

Who is behind the smear campaign on Boris Johnson?

Boris was conveniently  abroad last week when Sky News launched the accusation against him that he had been deceiving the public.  He really wanted free movement all along.  Boris was not there to defend himself, so Sky made the most of it. Sky newscasters were reporting every fifteen minutes that Boris was a fraud.  He had lied when he campaigned for control of our borders.

borisquizzical17Nick Clegg was wheeled out to put the knife in deeper.  “Boris Johnson has been taking the public for fools” he declaimed theatrically. The evidence was provided by four EU ambassadors, all of whom declined to give their names. Continue reading

Another reason to vote for Zac. Cleggers and student fees!

Fifteen thousand students and lecturers marched through London in protest at the huge cost of student fees today, and who can blame them?  Free in Scotland, only £3,000 in Wales, students in England have massive debt hung round their necks, and only one party is to blame,  the Lib Dems. cleggjudasIn the book Call Me Dave by Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakshotte, it turns out that Cameron and Osbo gave Nick Clegg the chance not once, but several times to honour his promise to students that they would not have to pay £9,000 in student fees. They made it plain that the Tory Party was willing to think outside the box. Continue reading

Leading Out EU? May ripped away our border defences!

The news that Theresa May might lead the Out EU campaign, can only elicit hollow laughter.  It is May who ripped away our secure border defences. Not only that, she bungled the matter so badly, it has cost the country millions.theresamay4Theresa May has presided over record numbers of immigration, and during the time of the Coalition, everything that would have protected the UK, such as measures to fight radicalisation, were shelved.  Nick Clegg ruled the roost and unlike Boris Johnson whom nobody could have silenced if he thought the UK in danger,  from Theresa May not a peep. Continue reading

David Cameron is the last man to handle the EU negotiations

One of David Cameron’s greatest assets is he looks and behaves like a PM, unlike Ed Miliband who had no gravitas and failed to convince as a leader.  David Cameron can be justly proud of the unexpected Tory GE15 win and the gracious way he behaved in victory enhanced his reputation. On any formal occasion, he can be relied upon to behave with dignity.PMjunckerUnfortunately, David Cameron is a conciliator, skilled at pouring oil on troubled waters, adept, indeed brilliant, at maintaining the status quo.   Past events proved conclusively that he is not a negotiator.   He gave far too much power to the Lib Dems – Nick Clegg apparently had the right to override any Tory decision he fancied – and the Lib Dems took full advantage of their totally undeserved importance,  slowing the recovery by at least 3 years. Continue reading