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Why even if they disagree, members of any government must support government policy

There is a lot of fuss right now on twitter over why leading members of any government support a government motion when they don’t agree.  Boris Johnson and Michael Gove think nurses particularly deserve a pay rise, but both of them voted in favour of keeping the cap on private sector wages. Members of the Cabinet are particularly bound by this convention.

This is because of something called collective responsibility.

Cabinet collective responsibility, also known as collective  ministerial responsibility, is a constitutional convention in governments using the Westminster System, that members of the cabinet must publicly support all governmental decisions made in Cabinet, even if they do not privately agree with them.  Continue reading

Pious Chuka and Starmer ignore the dirty dealings of Remain

Chuka Umunna continually insists that the Leave campaign “pledged” to pay £350M to the NHS.  Oddly he has admitted in print that no Leaver ever explicitly made such a pledge – their remarks were only suggestions.  This is confirmed by a quote he gave to the London Standard. (below).chukaumunaLabour is in such disarray, this is the sort of trivial snitching Chuka and Keir Starmer are reduced to.  Much ridiculed “independent” Professor Bob Watt from Buckingham University has even reported the Leave campaign to the CPS, charging them with “undue influence.” Continue reading

Boris comment, Let’s give money to NHS was clearly only a suggestion

When you say to someone “Let’s go to the cinema!” that’s clearly a suggestion.  When you say “I promise I will pay you £50 a month”, that’s a pledge.Downing Street, London, October 18th 2016. Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Boris Johnson arrives at the weekly cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London. ¿ Paul Davey/Alamy Live NewsRemainers clearly cannot tell the difference because the only evidence they pretend they have that Leave lied is the figure on the battlebus. Continue reading

NHS strapped for cash? Poppycock says Margaret Hodge

The claim that we need to pay more money into the NHS was rubbished yesterday by ex Labour Minister Margaret Hodge.  Mrs. Hodge said the claim was poppycock and the real problem was that the NHS is so wasteful, it is pouring millions down the drain.jeremyhunt2However, the Daily Mail has reported:   “A bitter row broke out last night after hospital bosses claimed the NHS will no longer be able to provide the services patients expect without more cash. Continue reading

Letter from Scot in Standard shows SNP are not what they seem

A letter in the London Standard clearly shows another side of the SNP and the deep concern of many Scots, who know only too well, the SNP are not what they seem.SalmondDoc1GT“As a Scot, living NHS in London, I have been following this election with rising horror as people increasingly warm to the SNP, north and south of the border. I do not believe the SNP is a democratic threat, but any party that believes  full fiscal autonomy is a viable policy for Scotland is not credible. Continue reading

More horrific details of SNP irresponsible spending!

It is shocking to read how Alex Salmond threw around public funds while he and Sturgeon in public preached about the less well off and children in poverty.   They talk about the suffering of the  Scottish people, but the  truth is Salmond and Sturgeon have an appallingly irresponsible attitude to public money.alexsalmond4Before Indy Ref., in March 2014, the Daily Record reported: “A STAGGERING £1.3million of public money was spent on Alex Salmond’s “independence bible”, figures showed yesterday. Continue reading

Ed Miliband’s appalling conference speech is taken apart by Andrew Neil

Ed Miliband’s appalling conference speech, lazy,  sentimental, impractical, was taken apart by the forensic analysis of Andrew Neil late last night on BBC2. In a Freudian slip, he forgot to mention  the deficit and plans to tackle immigration from his keynote conference speech.  The Labour leader left out a warning that “there won’t be money to spend after the next election”. He also failed to include a section on immigration which said that those coming to Britain must “learn English and earn their way”.edconference2Ed’s plan on a Mansion Tax immediately hit the buffers, as Andrew Neil pointed out to Andy Burnham there was a huge difficulty over the valuation of properties costing £2M+.  Andy said the value of every property was recorded at the  Land Registry.  When Neil said the only figures with the Land Registry were the selling prices of properties, and  the value of any property could have hugely risen from that.  a stuttering, redfaced Burnham had no comeback. Continue reading