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Boris Johnson tops the YouGov favourability list by far

It has been never a dull moment recently for the Foreign Secretary and Boris  has had to take some tough decisions.borisfo20

  • He met with the team of Donald Trump in New York,  but has yet to meet Rex Tillerson. whose appoint has only recently been confirmed. They have had extremely successful conversations on the telephone.
  • He went to Cyprus to support the Cyprus peace talks.
  • He has had various meetings with EU members.
  • He has met with the Lords and gave an outstanding analysis of recent changes in the Middle East, which met with much approval.
  • He supported the new Prez. over NATO – several EU members are not paying their share.
  • He fielded the questions fired at him on all sides about President Trump’s 90 day immigration suspension in Parliament with firmness and honesty.
  • Finally, he has formulated the UK Brexit strategy to help Mrs.  May.  This was hugely praised as one of the keynote speeches of the decade, and a lot of the speech was written by Boris.
  • Boris met Bibi Netanyahu and discussed a US/UK/Israel alliance.
  • Boris is working on a Balkan buffer – he does not share the enthusiam for the Russians of President Trump, although he appreciates their contribution to fighting Daesh.

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EU reeling from a series of hammer blows from POTUS

Rumour has it, according to the Express that an unnamed EU chief let the cat out of the bag.  We are in a terrible situation, he snivelled!  A combination of disastrous events means that financially, things aren’t looking too rosy for Merkel and her gang.trumpnewdawnA series of financial blows has stunned the hitherto arrogant, all powerful EU chiefs, used to bullying and humiliating members of the European Union. buoyed up by the unwavering support of President Obama, Merkel is used to calling the shots.  Now that support has been yanked away. Continue reading

Boris Johnson agrees US is paying too much of NATO bill

Boris Johnson is absolutely right.  It is unfair that the US is shouldering such a large part of the NATO bill.  The Germans are always bragging they are doing better than us.  So how come we pay our share and they don’t? Continue reading

Foreign Secretary Boris answers questions in Parliament on foreign policy

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson answered questions in Parliament today with his customary brio, on vital matters of foreign policy.borisfo15President Elect Trump:  Boris Johnson said We look forward to an enduring and strong special relationship, with security and prosperity in the years ahead.  The relationship between the UK and the US is perhaps the single most important geopolitical fact of the last century  and I look forward to working with the new administration.  After negative comments about the US,  Boris said It is very important that we be as positive as we possibly can, because it is massively important to this country.  We should judge the US by their actions. Continue reading

US politicians have Boris on speed dial

Our ebullient Foreign Secretary has visited five countries in three days, cementing bonds and talking up our hopes for a fair Brexit deal.  He was having dinner with the Serbian PM, when he was called to the phone to answer a call from the Prez Elect’s VP, and the Serbians were all graciousness, insisting that he should take the call.borisserbia2Boris was first on the list of all the Foreign Secretaries rung by PE VP Mike Pence.  Mr. Pence told the Foreign Secretary he has followed his career and admires Boris’s work. Continue reading

Furious Juncker is pushed to the back of the queue

Jean Claude Juncker has apparently been trying to get through to Prez. Elect Donald Trump.  On Wednesday, he needed to know where the EU stands regarding a TTIP trade deal, also NATO and climate change.   Trump should call him back ASAP. juncker
Not the line to take right now with the successful billionaire President Elect.  Stamping on egos might work with desperate member states, but not  with the President Elect.

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Putin, Stalin and the giant kleptocracy, by Boris Johnson

It was midnight in the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin was watching himself in the mirror as he toned his glistening pecs. “Pretty buff,” he thought. Behind him on the desk were a slew of headlines from the Western press – and they were very satisfactory. “Putin calls West’s bluff”, read one. “Obama – what a pussy”, said an American tabloid. “Putin brings back USSR”; “A Tsar is Born!” and so on. A thin smile passed across the lips of the former KGB man. Yes, he was summoning up the spirit of the former Soviet Union, the spirit of – Stalin himself! Just then there was a disturbance in the air.stalinA window seemed to bang. A net curtain puffed out. Putin turned around to see a little moustachioed man standing behind him. There was no mistaking those crinkling Georgian eyes and the evil glitter within. “Joseph Vissarionovich!” said Putin, laying down the dumb-bells, and noting that his arms were trembling. “Someone said they were trying to summon up my spirit,” snapped Stalin. “I see I am back in my old office. But who are you, and what the hell is going on?” Continue reading