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Jump in popularity for President Trump after Piers Morgan interview

The warmth and sincerity shown by President Donald Trump in his interview with Piers Morgan has caused his popularity in Britain to rise.  Since the interview, the President has accounted for 51% of bets at 5/2 to win the 2020 US election and serve a second term in the White Hous, says Oddschecker.  

Covering a range of topics in his first international interview, the President emphasised his love for the British people, telling the GMB host that “the real me is somebody that loves Britain, loves the UK. I love Scotland.”  Continue reading

The EU propagandists – Piers Morgan, Chuka Umunna, Kevin Maguire and the MSM

The worst, most backstabbing traitors in British history include men like the Cambridge spies.  Kim Philby, Burgess and Maclean.  These men were selling our secrets to the Russians.  At least they had the excuse that they believed in the Russian system.  They undermined in secret.  Rather more blatant were the propaganda traitors who operated on the radio for the Nazis.

Face of a EU propagandist

Radio played a key role in the propaganda campaigns of Nazi Germany, as television does for us today.   The most notorious personality in this radio war was William Joyce, or ‘Lord Haw-Haw’ – who came to be known as the English voice of Nazi Germany. But he wasn’t alone in his treachery.  Continue reading

Breaking! Telegraph article proves new Nazanin charges made in October, long before comments of Boris Johnson

An article in the Daily Telegraph proves that the fresh charges made against Nazanin were made in early October, before the comments of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. So the hysteria whipped up by the MSM that Boris was the cause of the fresh charges is a total lie.  Boris spoke to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee on 1st November.  

The MSM and malicious lefties are left with egg on their faces as a Telegraph article confirms the fake charges could not possibly have been anything to do with anything Boris said, as confirmed by the Iranian Minister. Continue reading

Remainers and MSM prepared to sacrifice Nazanin to get rid of Boris Johnson

The new charges against Nazanin Ratcliffe were nothing to do with any comments made by Boris Johnson, said the Iranian Foreign Minister, and anyone who genuinely wanted Nazanin free would have left the matter there.  They would have rejoiced, as did Nazanin’s husband Richard, that Boris had achieved more publicity for the issue and a negotiation with the Iranians was in the offing.

But so desperate are Remainers and left wingers to get rid of Boris that supporting the Nazanin negotiation is the last thing they want.  It started with the attacks on Priti Patel, who had to resign.  By distorting the  comments of the Foreign Secretary, so innocent that nobody in the Foreign Affairs Select Committee challenged them at the time,  Brexit malcontents have now blown up the issue to one of unimaginable importance, because with Boris and Priti gone, two powerful  Brexit voices in government are silenced.   Continue reading

May’s unprincipled behavour is enabled by the MSM

There is only one person to blame for the dire state of Anglo/Russian relations and that is Theresa May.    The Russians have a right to be upset that PM May cancelled Boris Johnson’s trip to Moscow three times , then turned on him and screamed and abused him in the media.

Putin showed good will by giving Boris an open invititation to visit Moscow to discuss his 2016 pleace plan.  The invitation was an olive branch for peace. If Boris had been allowed to quietly go through the plan in depth with President Putin, who knows what would have transpired.  When May blocked the trip for the third time, the Russians, who unleashed their fury in the media, had every right to feel upset.  Boris certainly did. Continue reading