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Simple solution to Brexit impasse. Take the 39 billion totally off the table

Although the Telegraph article of Nick Timothy at first sight, looks bad for Brexit, there is a solution to the major problem he describes.  Nick says there is a conspiracy of silence surround the true threat to Brexit, and at first glance, it all looks bad.  

He explains:  “The urgent deadline the negotiators face relates not to the future relationship, which will be determined by the Future Framework Treaty, but the Withdrawal Agreement, which will set out the terms of Britain’s departure from the EU. And Brussels wants a deal. It wants our exit payment, a transition period during which we abide by its rules and a deal on the Irish border that it can use to tie the whole of the UK to EU rules after Brexit.  Continue reading

Is it checkmate for Putin?

The largest co-ordinated expulsion of Russian spies from the West is under way after the United States and EU member states announced they were ejecting more than 100 Russians serving under diplomatic cover in response to the Salisbury nerve agent attack, reported the Times today.

Western indignation at first only met with insouciant sneering from the Russians,  but the swift firmness of the British response seems to have taken the Kremlin by surprise.

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Overt attack on Skripal was meant to send a message says Andrew Neil

McRussia.  The blatant attack on Skripal was overt, they could have sent a hitman and the perpetrator would never have been found, pointed out  Andrew Neil on BBC Daily Politics.

The attempt was clearly geared to send a terrifying message.

23 Russian diplomats are being turfed out of Britain, and they have a week to leave.  This is the strongest reaction for 30 years.  Britain is taking steps to dismantle Russian espionage network in the UK.  The 23 Russian diplomats to be expelled have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers.  Continue reading

Boris tells Sky News Labour is using N. Ireland to stop Brexit

Boris Johnson appeared on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, and gave one of his best interviews.  Incisive, forceful  and hilarious, Boris firmly laid down the red lines regarding the customs union (We can’t suck and blow at the same time said Boris) and on the European Court of Justice.  (We will get rid of all ECJ control).

But a confidential letter leaked to the press has handed Labour a red herring to wave in the faces of the Tories,  and distracted attention from the vital issue of sorting out the Irish question.

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Because of PM Cameron’s pledge, the EU Ref. result is politically and legally binding

As stated in a previous blog, when he was PM,  David Cameron pledged on air and in Parliament that the decision of the EU Referendum would be final.  He also clearly pledged that there would be no second referendum. All this is recorded in Hansard. 

The Prime Minister was absolutely clear.

In a speech at the Chatham House Royal Institute of International Affairs in November 2015, he stated: ‘When the British people speak, their voice will be respected — not ignored. Continue reading

Boris right on the NHS – forget the politics Mrs. May

The NHS has been in dire straits for years, and everyone knows that.  More money is needed, and I can tell from my own surgery,  doctors and nurses are buckling under the strain.  This is the harsh  truth, but yesterday Philip Hammond was still insisting it was all fine and no action would be taken until after Brexit.  That could be years. 

Boris has continually spoken up about this,  he raised the issue during the EU Referendum with the suggestion on the battle bus and recently he spoke out again.  He warned May that unless she acts now, demonstrating commitment to supporting the NHS, Labour will win the next GE.   It’s that serious.  Corbyn has made the NHS the spearhead of his campaign.   Continue reading

Straight talking Boris levels with the Russians and it’s a bit of a culture shock

Boris was in Moscow today and his straight talking left the Russians reeling.  It was the first meeting for five years between a British Foreign Secretary and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Russian soil. 

Boris believes it is important not to shy away from the difficult situations we are involved in with the Russians.  He tackled the thorny subject of Russian interference in Western politics head on,  and he made the point, there was no successful interference in any of our elections. He also brought up the question of the Ukraine.  Continue reading