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Hampstead and Kilburn must grab the chance to make Claire Louise Leyland an MP

Trained therapist Claire Louise Leyland cared enough to volunteer and go to the Syrian/Turkish border to help distraught Syrian orphans.  That alon gets her my vote.

In politics talk is easy….  it’s what politicians achieve that counts.  If that’s the yardstick picking Claire Louise Leyland as the next MP for Hampstead and Kilburn is a no brainer. As first glance  quiet, modest and shy, Claire Louise has an impressive range of talents, every one of them is linked to service – of people or her country. Continue reading

Bojo talent and earnings appal Daily Mirror, they are only at ease with sad losers

The Daily Mirror has accused Boris Johnson of the worst crime any Tory can commit – being hugely talented, wildy successful and gob smackingly well paid.  On top of his £47,000 salary as Mayor of London, (reduced by 2/3  because he is an MP) and the £67,000 a year he earns as MP for Uxbridge, said the Mirror,  Boris was paid £22,916.66 for his weekly column by the Telegraph newspaper in May.borisbulldogSo outraged is the Mirror, they even published a graph, rubbing in how much more Boris earns than a) average MPs and b) more than the Uxbridge average. Continue reading

Organised lefty smear campaign attacks Boris Johnson over his MP role

Labour smear campaigns aplenty attacked Boris Johnson during the election, and they are still going on.  A organised effort to make out that Boris is coining it in now he has won Uxbridge is taking place on twitter.  The truth is, the Mayor is taking a salary decrease while assuming two extra responsibilities.russellbrand2The GLA rules that any Mayor who also wins a seat as an MP, must lose two thirds of their Mayoral salary.  That means Boris loses £98,000 of his Mayoral salary. He receives the £67,000 for being an MP.  So Boris ends up earning £115,000,instead of £143,000 Continue reading