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Spy game. Gove and Osbo spotted on holiday in Germany

What can they have to talk about?  Michael Gove and George Osborne were spotted this week on holiday together in Germany.  The former Cabinet pals were pictured attending Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle in the Bavarian town Bayreuth – an opera about the struggle for power.

The pages of the London Standard seem dipped in acid, as George works out his angst trashing his nemesis, Boris Johnson and ripping into Theresa May in the nastiest possible terms. Continue reading

Why even if they disagree, members of any government must support government policy

There is a lot of fuss right now on twitter over why leading members of any government support a government motion when they don’t agree.  Boris Johnson and Michael Gove think nurses particularly deserve a pay rise, but both of them voted in favour of keeping the cap on private sector wages. Members of the Cabinet are particularly bound by this convention.

This is because of something called collective responsibility.

Cabinet collective responsibility, also known as collective  ministerial responsibility, is a constitutional convention in governments using the Westminster System, that members of the cabinet must publicly support all governmental decisions made in Cabinet, even if they do not privately agree with them.  Continue reading

Cynics sneer “Politicians are all the same” but we have seen the bravest and the best

Politicians generally get a pretty harsh press. The popular opinion is  “They are the same!” and anyone who argues differently is greeted with cynical laughter. Recent events, like the EU Referendum and the Westminster terrorist attack have proved how wrong this is.

Many of the politicians who fought for Brexit took a huge risk.  Boris Johnson took the  biggest gamble of his life to fight for the rights of ordinary people, so much so that his father believed he had ruined his career. Continue reading

The majority are not happy with how the PM is handling Brexit

The latest YouGov poll has disappointing news for Mrs. May.  Nearly 60% are unhappy with how she is handling Brexit.  The discontent is rising rising.  53% has risen to 57%. Only 20% believe Brexit is being handled well.maysmirkThe Sun reports:The numbers expecting the UK to be worse-off financially as a result of Brexit declined from 41% to 37% over the past month, against 29% who expect it to be better-off. And the proportion who said Brexit would be bad for jobs fell from 36% to 32%, compared to 28% who said it would be good for employment. Continue reading

Michael Gove skewers Lord Ashdown in Parliament over Brexit

Michael Gove scored a bullseye with this attack on Lord Ashdown and had the House in an uproar!   He urged us to listen to the liberal elite, saying Continue reading

Peace process. Boris and Dave settle their differences

They were on different sides and they both fought like Titans for and against Brexit.  The reverberations resounded through politics.  In the end, the irresistible force of David Cameron crashed against the rock of the Boris Johnson immoveable object and shattered!  But in the scheme of things, they have been through a lot together and  it is all water under the bridge now. borisdaveLast week, Boris and Dave drank whiskies on the balcony of the Royal David Hotel in Israel, and after a “frank exchange” of views, agreed to settle their differences.  Boris has never been one to hold a grudge. Continue reading

Salt. Gove was the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp

In the movie Salt, Angelina Jolie is asked to track down a spy in the US government.  It turns out to be her.  Michael Gove turned out to be the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp.govesaltApparently Boris and Gove have known each other for 30 years, so it was understandable that Boris trusted the suggestion from Michael to back him up and form a dream team. Continue reading