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Where is the concern from Sadiq Khan over the ever rising rape count from Uber?

An explosive story in TAXI magazine accuses TfL of snatching the publication to conceal the truth from Londoners about the rising rape count.  It also prints the shocking allegation that Uber is not reporting the extent of rapes and sexual assaults by its drivers to the Met.  Where is the concern of the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, over the rising attacks and sexual assaults on Londoners?

Every member of the London Assembly has voted that this situation must not continue.  Sadiq Khan renewed Uber’s licence for 4 months and it is up for renewal again in September.  Mr. Khan could pull the licence tomorrow if he wanted to.   Continue reading

George Osborne is still trying to knife Boris Johnson

For a journalist, Dan Hodges is a nice guy, down to earth and not a bit stuck up.  His Achilles heel is he is so innocent, he shouldn’t be let out alone.

As Mayor, Boris Johnson gave a huge amount of help to George, even  bailing him out when the economy was tanking by giving him some sound economic advice.  George of course claimed all the credit, and for while some innocents, including Dan, actually believed him. Boris’s reward as proudly revealed by Dan, was George then said he intended to “knife Boris in May 2016!”.   Continue reading

Sadiq Khan claims to be pro business but he’s in thrall to union paymasters!

When Red Ken was running for Mayor, the lies he told were legendary and it looks like Sadiq Khan is shaping up the same way. His first pledge was that the race between him and Zac would be a friendly contest.  Friendly like a mamba.  He has a lean and hungry look.  Zac better get somebody to taste his food. Now Sadiq is presenting himself as the business candidate, while breezily forgetting he is financed by the unions. Continue reading

Dodgy dealers! Uber cheap fares are based on criminality

Nobody disagrees that it is great to have a cheaper option in the cab trade to cater for people who cannot afford black cab fares.  Our Mayor and fair minded black cab drivers are all for it!  But if that cheap fare is achieved through criminal activity such as avoidance of safety regs. and breaking of TfL regulations and immoral activity such as tax avoidance, and exploiting Uber drivers, who are treated like rubbish, that cheap fare doesn’t look like such a great idea.burgermouldyThere is abundant evidence that many Uber drivers have not been through the proper criminal checks.  Some of them don’t have proper insurance.  Many Uber drivers shouldn’t even be in charge of a vehicle, from their appalling parking skills, (often illegal.) and sketchy knowledge of the Highway Code. Uber treat their drivers so badly, they take 20% of their pay. Since the pay is low, many drivers are sleeping in their cars to make ends meet, because they are working 18 hour days. Some are so tired, they fall asleep at the wheel.

Continue reading

Tiny Japanese boy has the guts to rugby tackle Boris Johnson!

It was a amazing feat of courage that  made a tiny ten year old Japanese boy tackle sixteen stone Boris Johnson in a rugby friendly in Tokyo.borisjapan11The picture clearly shows the determined little player plant his arm in the chest of the Mayor who is four times his size in a do or die effort to stop Bojo’s charge.  Banzai!  This is the guts that inspired Japan to flatten the Springboks, making them the stars of the 2015 RWC tournament. Continue reading

The video of City Hall riot – violence not as bad as Police Academy!

A video has been released of the memorable day last Wednesday when cabbies besieged City Hall and vented their fury at Mayor Boris Johnson.  There are unintentionally funny moments, in scenes that are  a cross between Cadets First Action, Police Academy and Random Rioting, Hot Rod. but everyone concerned has clearly learned by their mistakes. A bright note: however frustrated the cabbies (and foreign agitators) were, the behaviour was nothing like as bad as in the clip below.  I include it in the hope of raising a smile. Continue reading

Calling all Muslims terrorists is as illogical as calling all Germans Nazis

In his Good Morning Britain interview with John Stapleton,  our  Mayor was asked if he thought Muslims should do more to prevent radicalisation.borisGMBIt’s up to anyone bringing up kids to prevent them from being radicalised, said Boris.   If you suspect your child is in any sort of  danger, they could be drawn into drug dealing, get involved with gangs, anything, dob them up said Boris firmly. Continue reading