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Boris is fighting Brexit from within the Cabinet, to protect his party

When Boris was Mayor of London, the battles for the rights of Londoners, the black cab trade,  police numbers,  funding and economic decisions,  were always full bloodedly thrashed out in private,  away from the media.

So discreet was Boris, at one stage, he was getting it from both sides. Black cab drivers were abusing him on the roads as he rode his bike, while Osbo and Cameron were ganging up to force him to favour Uber, and push black cabs off the road. An immovable Boris wouldn’t shift.  He didn’t think it was right, so in the end, Osbo took the issue of Uber away from Boris and handled it himself. Continue reading

World class salesman Boris scores a financial hit in Japan

Boris Johnson, on a 3 day visit to Japan, has seemingly managed to secure the continuation of multi-billion pound Japanese interests in British business.   

He has an outstanding record as a world  class salesman, according to Standard journo Pippa Crerar.As Mayor, Boris had an outstanding reputation of success in raising investment for London, the money flooded into the city in billions.  He also raised millions in deals and £500M in funding for Londoners.  The website Westmonster reports:  Boris said: “I have found a wide measure, or a growing measure, of understanding about what is involved.   Continue reading

How Dan Moylan, Tory Assembly member, destroyed Sadiq Khan. And Zac fights back!

Zac Goldsmith,  was stitched up by Sadiq Khan and David Cameron over the Mayor of London job.  He then lost his Richmond  Park seat.  Zac is showing huge guts and his thoroughbred calibre by fighting back.  Continue reading

The Madness of King George

Osbo has accepted the job of Editor of the London Standard, but his editor role has not been approved by the advisory committee on business appointments (Acoba).  So  indignant are his constituents and others,  a petition on site 38 degrees gathered momentum over Saturday with over 100,000 signatures.The organisers of the petition wrote on the page: ‘It’s not appropriate for someone to be a member of the government and also control a huge amount of the media.” Continue reading

Boris is a world class salesman says Standard journalist Pippa Crerar

Pippa Crerar, popular journalist of the London Standard, followed Boris Johnson for eight years on his travels drumming up trade and investment when he was Mayor of London.  Boris is trusted and respected by the City.  He has been outstandingly successful in raising billions in foreign investment for London, and multi millions in trade deals.  He has also raised over £500 million in funding from the City, and is known as a brilliant negotiator.Boris took over from Ken Livingstone when London was in recession.   He boosted the London economy so effectively, while reviving the jobs market, that when he left, London was the number one city in the world. Continue reading

Why so serious? The real Boris Johnson stands up

As Mayor of London, Boris was always happy and smiling, full of fun, jokes and bonhomie.  Now that he is Foreign Secretary, as befits his role, he has a whole new moody thing going on.  borismoodyFrom sunny charm, he can switch in a flash to a scowl that Brando would envy. His responsibilities include dealing with terrorism, strategies to foil Daesh,  Syria, dealing with members of the EU at summits, Brexit, responsibility for MI5 and MI6 and many other equally vital matters.   Continue reading

This time it’s serious. Boris gives up £MMs to concentrate on the day job

Boris Johnson gave his all to carry out his job as Mayor of London, and he did it with great success,  but his actions today show how deeply serious he is about tackling his job as Foreign Secretary.borissolemnNot only has he returned his half a million pound advance to his publishers (he was commissioned to write a book on Shakespeare), but he has given up his hugely lucrative Daily Telegraph column.  Boris is such a  talented writer, the Telegraph was paying him £275,000 a week for his outrageously popular brand of journalism. Continue reading