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May billed Tories £2,000 for hair and makeup on night of GE disaster

May threw money at Facebook for ads. during the recent ill fated GE campaign.  Both May and Jeremy Corbyn paid millions to Facebook and Google at last year’s snap election despite both vowing to clampdown on the offshore social media giants. 

The Conservatives spent more than four times as much as Labour did on Facebook ads racking up a £2 million bill compared to £577,000 on the controversial social network when fighting the last general election. Continue reading

Fury at May and Davis Brexit betrayal!

The Telegraph shouted:  May accused of Brexit climbdown as UK agrees to free movement in the transition period!   On twitter, Brexiteers screamed  NO.  NO  NO!

Breitbart reports:  David Davis — whose formerly tough pro-Brexit stance seems to have been worn down during his time negotiating in Brussels to a point where he greeted today’s news of another massive capitulation as good news — spoke next and dropped the fisheries bombshell, admitting that not only would Britain not take back control of its fisheries, but that the proportion of fish that UK fishermen are allowed to catch from their own waters under EU laws wouldn’t change through the transition. Continue reading

How Boris forced May to deal with Putin when she wanted to run and hide

When Boris Johnson raised the issue of the Skripal poisoning in Cabinet, and said the only response was to hang tough with Putin, May screamed at him in front of Cabinet members and ordered him to be silent.  May has an ostrich mentality.  If she can possibly avoid dealing with tough issues, she will.  Her speciality is to  kick them into the long grass.  

It is only because other Cabinet members backed Boris to the hilt that she was made to listen at all!  Gavin Williamson and even Philip Hammond, forced May to face the truth.  Continue reading

Worse than Rochdale – in Telford, children killed to hide they were abused

Rather than describe in detail the horrendous abuse of children in Telford,  graphically described in the press,  let me say there is burning anger in the social media about this. 

The bare facts are these. Continue reading

May is the Wicked Queen to Boris Johnson’s Snow White

That’s rich!  ” Theresa May ‘orders squabbling ministers to Chequers away day’ to put an end to Brexit war”,  screamed the Daily Mirror headline.  For the PM to describe the vital concerns of Brexiteers over the most important issue for this country for centuries as “squabbling”  is just an insult. The reason for the  “away day” was because the PM seemed to be veering towards a customs union.It was the same today.   One of the headlines in the Sunday Times today in an article by Tim Shipman read “Theresa May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell ‘tried to kneecap Boris Johnson’”  A private letter from Boris to very few people was leaked to Sky News.    Tim makes it plain that for the villain, we need look no further than No. 10, although Boris tactfully denied this.    Continue reading

Kamikaze Corbyn U turns over customs union to try to overthrow May

Jeremy Corbyn has loathed the EU  for the past 30 years,  voting against every EU treaty, while denouncing the project  as a capitalist conspiracy.  It’s hard not to be suspicious therefore about his massive U turn now,  when he declares we must stay in the customs union.  

His unconvincing explanation is that staying in the customs union is best for the economy.  This is an outright lie. A group of academics has furiously denied Brexit will be bad for the economy.  A group of economists has done the same. Continue reading

BREAKING! May tries to push endless transition period through without Cabinet approval

The visit of EU fanatic Olly Robbins to discuss matters with EU chiefs was a red flag.  In an exclusive in today’s Telegraph, it is reported that May is trying to push an endless transition period for Brexit onto the country without Cabinet approval.This is betrayal at its contemptible worst.  An open ended transition period? Absolutely not!  This is not and completely unacceptable from Appeaser Theresa.  It is against every pledge she has made to this country. Continue reading