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May appears to be going soft on Brexit

Theresa May apparently said in a private meeting last week that she is “not some crazed Brexiteer.” It was reported:  “The Prime Minister made it clear at a private meeting last week that she will not risk economic suicide by ‘jumping off a cliff’ with a hard Brexit – and secretly supports some demands by Remain Tories.”mayhammond3She now says she: Continue reading

Outstanding generous speech by May sets the standard for EU negotiations

After today’s Brexit speech from Theresa May, some Remoaners were complaining.  I had just explained that there is a big difference between a referendum and a general election.  In the EU Ref., Leave and Remain were not competing to form a government.  The only purpose of any referendum is to get a straight answer to a straight question,  in this case, Should we leave the EU?may2Leave and Remain cannot therefore make financial pledges.  They can only make suggestions.  The battlebus ad. was about taking control and the figure quoted on the bus was given as the sum we pay the EU every week.  Let’s give £350M to the NHS was one suggestion how to spend the money. Continue reading

Is May up for a fight to the finish over Brexit?

An article in the Times today by Iain Martin nails what we have all been thinking. When is Prime Minister May going to show she’s up for the fight? Show some urgency?  How long does she expect to get away with remarks like “Brexit means Brexit”, “We will get the best possible deal for Britain” and other statements of the bleeding obvious, repeated ad infinitum?mayhammond3As Home Secretary, it worked from her own point of view, for May to sit on the fence.  Her speciality was dragging issues out for so long, everybody forgot about them.  Look at the child abuse inquiry.  So many unsuitable judges have been appointed,  the inquiry has never got going, and it was first started three years ago. Continue reading

Funereal Phil talking down the economy is a wrecking ball for Brexit

Why is May letting Philip Hammond ruin Brexit,  but no-one is putting the economic case for Leave? Andrew Neil on This Week, made it clear the financial case for staying in the EU is not strong.mayhammondThe economy of Italy, said Neil, has not expanded since 1999.  He also made the point that the EU is the slowest growing continent in the world, apart from Antarctica. Continue reading

The legal challenges pile up for May

 Remainer Theresa May has been dithering and wallying around re. Brexit for the last 4 months.     What has the PM achieved, except to let in a legal challenge by Gina Miller, that was successful in the High Court! mayindiajpgThe judges who ruled in the High Court were all rabid Remainers.  So are the judges being hand picked for the appeal in the Supreme Court. Continue reading

Slave for EU! Is May on the level?

Like Mussolini, or Napoleon,  the EU is moving closer and closer towards a complete dictatorship.   Unelected Brussels bureaucrats could soon have the power to totally ignore the will of the people when negotiating trade deals if a landmark court ruling goes their way.  britneyJuncker is waiting to hear from the European Court of Justice whether the EU can ratify trade deals by themselves.   All the power could be given to top EU officials.  Eurocrats would hold all the cards in future trade arrangements, allowing them to ride roughshod over the desires of their members. Continue reading

May silent as Hammond launches vicious attack on the three Brexiteers

PM May’s claim that she is a passionate Brexiteer is looking a bit moth eaten, as another rabidly pro Remain attack from Philip Hammond went unreprimanded. Hammond attacks David Davis for angering Merkel?  Whose side is he on? Then Liam Fox and Boris got it in the neck.borisfoxdavis.jpg

The Sun reported: “And his comments come after all three have received rebukes from Theresa May in recent weeks for going off-message about Brexit.”  The odd thing is that Remainer Philip Hammond, and friend of George,  goes off message about Brexit all the time, and Mrs. May never says a word! Continue reading