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Complicit Marr ignores the anti semitism slurs on Corbyn facebook page

if you whitewash or ignore anti semitism, you are complicit.  Andrew Marr crossed that line today. A report in today’s Mail on Sunday described the vile anti semitic posts on the Facebook page of Jeremy Corbyn.  The insults on his page against Jewish people are absolutely disgusting.  Marr was covering the news and previously looked at all the newspapers.

He held a copy of the MoS in his hand, but when discussing Labour’s anti semitism problem, in an interview with Andrew Gwynne, he didnt think it important enough to mention it. Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum are like Sturm Abteilung said Labour donor

How long can Jeremy Corbyn run and hide?  Labour MPs have turned on  Corbyn over his “betrayal” of Jews as they described rape and death threats they had received for speaking out against anti-Semitism in their party.

“Mr Corbyn sat in the Commons in silence as his MPs read out hate mail they had received from his supporters. Others received standing ovations for calling out the “bullying and intimidation” in the party as the Labour leader was told: “Enough is enough.”” reported the Daily Telegraph. Continue reading

May 13 points ahead of cynical antisemite Corbyn

A Mail on Sunday poll shows that PM May has soared into a huge personal lead over antisemitic Jeremy Corbyn.

On March 4th, the Russians tried to murder the Skripals and May’s personal popularity soared to 13 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn. Her handling of the situation far outclassed the potty theories of the Labour leader, who was seen as a Russian stool pigeon, or as Boris Johnson put it, Russia’s useful idiot.   Continue reading

Sensation! Prez Trump could expel dozens of Russian diplomats in solidarity with Britain!

Sensation!    President Trump ‘will expel dozens of Russian diplomats in solidarity with the UK’ after nerve agent was used to poison a former spy and his daughter!

Two people close to the Trump administration told Bloomberg on Saturday the president has agreed to take the advice he received from the National Security Council and proceed with the expulsions. Continue reading

Was Corbyn a Russian asset? Czech spook spills the beans

Today the Mail  on Saturday has a spectacular spy story to tell but unbelievably the subject is kindly old grandpops Jeremy Corbyn.  Jeremy is more Bernard Cribbins in  Carry On Spying than Rupert Penry Jones, the dashing hero of Spooks and unlike Rupert, he was batting for the other side.

As the press tell it, either the Labour leader is a devious traitor who schemed to betray his own country or he is so off his nut, he was the willing victim of ruthless Russian spy chiefs.  I rather tend to the latter explanation.  Continue reading

May proved to have cancelled Boris Johnson Russian trip three times

It was a huge step forward for peace that Prez. Putin was keen to discus the Foreign Secretary’s 2016 Syrian peace plan,  and he  generously offered Boris an open invitation to visit Moscow.   Tragically, in an  attempt to undermine Boris, May blocked the trip three times.

Boris was then accused of ducking his meeting with the Russians. The G7 inititative was an afterthought to retrieve the situation, but Remoaner members of course, didn’t go for it.

The abusive articles in yesterday’s papers were unprecedented, with Adam Boulton,  a SKY Remoaner and Simon Walters of the Remoaner Mail on Sunday sinking to the sleaziest depths in jeers and name calling. Continue reading

May outclassed by Boris so descends to undermining

Several articles in the Mail on Sunday and in the Sunday Times, including one by the normally accurate Adam Boulton, omit such fundamental. facts that they can only be regarded as stitch up/hatchet jobs.

The facts  ignored are these.  When Boris Johnson met various US top aides of Donald Trump, he was described as “brilliant” by one of these aides and his meetings were exceptionally successful. The independent thinking of our Foreign Secretay was well received. Continue reading