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Was Corbyn a Russian asset? Czech spook spills the beans

Today the Mail  on Saturday has a spectacular spy story to tell but unbelievably the subject is kindly old grandpops Jeremy Corbyn.  Jeremy is more Bernard Cribbins in  Carry On Spying than Rupert Penry Jones, the dashing hero of Spooks and unlike Rupert, he was batting for the other side.

As the press tell it, either the Labour leader is a devious traitor who schemed to betray his own country or he is so off his nut, he was the willing victim of ruthless Russian spy chiefs.  I rather tend to the latter explanation.  Continue reading

May proved to have cancelled Boris Johnson Russian trip three times

It was a huge step forward for peace that Prez. Putin was keen to discus the Foreign Secretary’s 2016 Syrian peace plan,  and he  generously offered Boris an open invitation to visit Moscow.   Tragically, in an  attempt to undermine Boris, May blocked the trip three times.

Boris was then accused of ducking his meeting with the Russians. The G7 inititative was an afterthought to retrieve the situation, but Remoaner members of course, didn’t go for it.

The abusive articles in yesterday’s papers were unprecedented, with Adam Boulton,  a SKY Remoaner and Simon Walters of the Remoaner Mail on Sunday sinking to the sleaziest depths in jeers and name calling. Continue reading

May outclassed by Boris so descends to undermining

Several articles in the Mail on Sunday and in the Sunday Times, including one by the normally accurate Adam Boulton, omit such fundamental. facts that they can only be regarded as stitch up/hatchet jobs.

The facts  ignored are these.  When Boris Johnson met various US top aides of Donald Trump, he was described as “brilliant” by one of these aides and his meetings were exceptionally successful. The independent thinking of our Foreign Secretay was well received. Continue reading

Queen’s top spin doctor joins the staff of Boris Johnson

A leaked  memo revealed the excited reaction to his new job of a close aide of the Queen  – the Queen’s top spin doctor, James Roscoe,  will be helping Boris Johnson make a success of taking Britain out of the EU. jamesroscoeAnnouncing his move from Communications Secretary to the Queen to become the Foreign Secretary’s Brexit spin doctor, high-flying James Roscoe tossed aside the usual mandarin’s reserve to signal his joy and pride that he would be helping the new Foreign Secretary. Continue reading

PM knew his claim that he fought for EU reform was a load of cobblers

Apart from the admission that the PM and Osbo are terrified of Boris Johnson, the memoirs of David Laws in the Mail on Sunday contain far more damaging admissions.davidnickThe Mail on Sunday reported:  “He (Cameron) called the EU referendum as a ‘party management issue’ to keep ‘mad’ Right-wing Tory MPs at bay – and had little idea how he would get a better deal from Brussels. Continue reading

Bad Company! Sadiq Khan aide is a gun slinging homophobe who tweets about being a hitman

He’s got some terrific friends!  Now the London Standard reveals that one of Sadiq Khan’s aides is a gun slinging homophobe, who jokes about shooting people.  The Standard reported:  “An aide to Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan resigned today after the Evening Standard found pictures of him brandishing a gun and claiming he could be a hired “hitman”.Untitled-1.jpgShueb Salar posted a video online of himself with a rifle and bragged about spending a weekend “shooting stuff with real guns, knives, crossbows and bow and arrows”. Continue reading

Has our PM always meant to do a deal with Blairites over EU? asks Peter Oborne

This fascinating article by Peter Oborne was in the Mail on Sunday.

“About time too! David Cameron has at last had an attack of good sense.cameronfatFor the past year, he fought to prevent Conservative ministers from revealing their private views about Britain’s membership of the EU.

Stubbornly, he was determined to silence Eurosceptics in his Cabinet by threatening them with the sack if they wanted to tell the truth about where they stood on a political issue that is one of the biggest for generations. Continue reading