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Sadiq Khan could pull Uber’s licence right here, right now, if he wanted to!

During his Mayoral campaign, Sadiq Khan, then one of Labour’s candidates for London mayor, said he would suspend Uber immediately if it emerged just a single driver did not hold genuine paperwork or was not properly insured.  Desperate to be Mayor, Sadiq talked tough!  He,  Sadiq, would protect black cab drivers and kick Uber out of the capital if they put one foot out of line!Straight talking black cab drivers were about to get a painful and entirely undeserved lesson in politics.  Far from being their White Knight, Sadiq has proved to be five and a half  feet of pain in the ass shoved into a 4 foot sack. Continue reading

Jam packed! Traffic chaos, but STILL Sadiq Khan won’t cap minicabs!

Every road in London is choked with minicabs, but still TfL are issuing minicab licences at a rate of 700 a month!  What is Sadiq Khan thinking?  Why does he not keep pushing  for the legislation that will allow him to impose a cap?sadiquberAs long as George Osborne was in government, no Mayor had a hope in hell of getting the legislation to cap minicabs.   Sadiq Khan lobbied the government while George was Chancellor, but he must have known the answer would be a big fat NO.  A black cab driver who is a member of the LTDA, told me Sadiq lobbied for the legislation, but was refused, when George was still Chancellor. Continue reading

Tragedy for London as PM and Osbo sanction Uber zombie drivers

This is a sad sad day for London. Business ethic have been trashed by the decision of the PM and Osbo that Uber can continue to evade regulation.  They are also refusing to cap PHVs.  So enamoured are they by Californian tech,  that they are prepared to overlook the terrible way that Uber treats its drivers and their blatant disregard for public safety.camerongloatUber is being sued globally for its arrogant avoidance of safety regulations, and is despised for the callous way they treat their drivers.  The company has utter disdain for the customer, anything is good enough for us, as long as we cough up the fare. Continue reading

Don’t make Knowledge easier, say black cab drivers, we are the gold standard

London Assembly member Richard Tracey, supportive of the black cab trade has, according to CityAM, suggested making The Knowledge easier.  The response of black cabs may surprise you.blackcabs2Black cab driver @kp_hedges : @angelneptustar The knowledge test is a test of good character as much as a test of geography. There is no benefit in lowering standards.

Fighting talk from Steve McNamara, Gen. Sec. of LTDA, who weighed in in similar vein. Steve told City A.M. he questioned why “anybody, anywhere, would suggest lowering the gold standard that London taxis provide”, echoing the words of Boris Johnson, that black cabs are the gold standard of the cab trade. Continue reading

The reason for a 5 minute waiting period for Uber

The five minute waiting period is the most queried regulation in the new tougher regulations proposed for Uber by the LTDA.uber12A black cab driver #AndyCabb, explains as follows:

“It is not because we have extra costs that gives us the right to ply for hire and be hailed down in the street. It is because we have the necessary skills needed to pick up and safely set off for the destination immediately. Continue reading

Uber and the LTDA to be grilled by MPs tomorrow

Uber and the LTDA will be questioned by MPs tomorrow on, amongst other things, the new tougher regulations for Uber that have been proposed by the LTDA, TfL and Boris Johnson.sajidjavid4

CityAM reported:  “Later last month, business secretary Sajid Javid told the business committee that TfL’s proposals were “heavy handed” and not in the interest of consumers. Continue reading

Steve McNamara prepared to fight the issue of the Uber “meter” all the way to the Supreme Court!

Steaming at a result that LTDA Steve McNamara clearly believes is off the planet wrong, Steve makes it clear that the issue of the Uber Smartphone is not ending here!  Like they say in the movies, this was a show trial, or so Steve believes, and he was there.  This issue could run and run……
“Unbelievable! Despite being in a court packed with expensive lawyers, solicitors and advisors from Transport for London (TfL), Uber, the LTDA and the minicab industry, after just 10 minutes even I was confused!  How can something so simple appear so complicated and confusing?donkeybraying
The traditional concept of a Declaratory Relief hearing is that a
regulator, in this case TfL, or other statutory body, approaches the
high court for a ruling on something that is not clear to it. It should be a neutral approach,aimed at securing an independent judicial ruling. The approach is supposed to be one which seeks clarification on a fact or definition of a point of law.

Continue reading